Window 23 – 2013


Today’s window held…


A black, super volume mascara.

This’ll be nice to try, usually I use waterproof mascara, but I will try it.
The other mascaras from body shop that I’ve tried have been nice though.

Tomorrow is the last window. And celebration at my parents.


Window Number 3 – 2012

Behind the third window we have

Lucka 03 Stängd

Super Volume Mascara – 2,5 ml

Lucka 03 Öppen

I already have two other mascaras from The Body Shop, however I almost never use them ,especially not during winter.
I prefer waterproof Mascaras.

I will try this one and give my opinion on it. – I should probably do a post with my mascaras. – The packaging is cute,small, black and sparkling and it will be a good thing to keep in my purse for touch-ups.
The brush is normal sized and a bristle brush.