Christmas Tension

Now when Christmas is over, I’d like everyone to comment their best way to get rid of the “christmas tension” and I’ll do a post with all the tips.

Personally I get tense on Christmas, but that might be because I need to be at 4-5 places in one day, not including my own apartment.

So comment, comment, comment!

Feel free to give relaxing tips for New Years Day too, I’ll combine the posts.



I know I’m slow on updating, I haven’t really had access to my make up. My fiancé has been sleeping until around 8 p.m. and I don’t want to disturb him by turning the lights on and doing my make up.

Also. I really like that people like my posts and follows my blog. But it would be awesome if you could comment to. I feel more motivated when people comment. And don’t hesitate to comment about something you’d like to see a look or a review on. Tips on what I can do are always welcome.

Love you forever.


A few tips.


I haven’t been feeling so well today. Autumn is here and with it cold and rain, which I hate. i alwas get depressed this tome of the year. So I haven’t had the energy to do any real post. So I thought I’d give you a few tips instead.

1. Don’t Use MakeUp every day.
While many people have it in their routine to put on makeup everyday, it’s good to give your skin a time to breathe sometimes. And take a look inside yourself. Do you really need makeup to go to the store? And if you absolutely must have makeup everyday,settle for just mascara and a lipgloss or lipsick sometimes.

2. Drink a lot of water.
Water helps mousturize your skin from within and gives you a more radiant complesion.
It helps cleanse/flush your body and improves circualation.
It reduces dark cirkles and increases you energy.

Think About
That you should drink at least 1 litre/day.
You can add some lemon or cucumber to make it taste fresh.
If you feel thirsty, drink water instead of coke or other sweet drinks.

3. Clean yor make up brushes
Brushes collects all the dirt on your skin while you put on your make up, cleaning your brushes helps preventing that you put all that old dirt back.

4. Don’t wash your hair every day
A lot of people do this out of habit of showering every morning. Not because their hair is dirty.
Washing your hair dries it out and makes the scalp produce more oils. So if you wash your hair everyday, it gets oily faster. Only wash your hair when it feels oily. If your hair takes 3-4 days to get oily, wash it every 3-4:th day. Pur it up in a bun or just give it a cold water rinse the other showers.

5. Sleep
Sleep 7-8 hours each night. It prevents dark cirkles and makes you look healthier. To little sleep makes you look tired and gloomy.

Well That was what I had today.