Summer legs

I know it’s not really summer yet, here it’s not even spring. But I thought I’d write a post about how to get those mice smooth summer legs. Hair removal, peeling and moisturising.

Hair removal
There’s a lot of different ways to remove your leg hair. Shaving, waxing, depilatory creams and epilator are the ones I’m going to talk about.

Shaving is possibly the first thing most people try. It’s quick, easy but sadly it needs to be done often but it’s easy to.make it a part if your shower routine. What you need is a razor and shaving cream. Apply the cream along the way the hair grows and then you can choose which way you want to shave. Shaving with the growth has less risk of ingrown hair, but shaving against the hairgrowth gives a closer shave. Never shave dry legs and shave in the end of your shower si the hairs have gotten a bit soft and you don’t have goose bumps since that might make the skin irritated.

Make sure to switch razors often. Most razors have a stripe on them that indicates when it’s time to switch. Also stretch the skin so it’s firm when you shave.
Shaving needs to be done pretty often if you want too jeep your legs smooth since it just takes a few days for the hairs to grow back.

Waxing can get a bit messy the first time you try it yourself but once you get a hang of it it can be easy and depending on your technique, fast.
Melt the wax either in the microwave or in a hot water bath, be careful so no water enters the wax tub since that leaves the wax unusable. Personally I prefer microwave since that’s quicker.
Use the spatula that comes with the wax to apply a thin layer of wax along the hairgrowth on the part you want to wax. Grab a strip of fabric or the strips that usually comes with the wax. Stroke the strip along the hairgrowth, stretch the skin below the strip and pull against the hairgrowth. Do not hesitate! Pull fast, like a bandaid.
Waxing feels, depending on how sensitive you are to pain, this might not be the option for you.

A tub of wax is enough for about three waxes of the entire legs.
A wax holds for up to 14 days if you keep up with it, in the beginning you need to wax more often since hairs usually grows att different speed.

Depilatory creams
Depilatory creams are chemical creams that you apply on your legs and leave on for a few minutes. It works by dissolving the hairs and then you just cleans the cream of and the hairs are gone. You apply it on the area you want hairless and then rinse it of, some creams comes with a spatula for application and/or a sponge to help clean it of. There are depilatory creams that’s made for both dry and wet skin.

I’ve only bought depilatory cream once. I’m not annan of this particular method, mainly because of the smell. The scents are usually very chemical. The result last longer than waxing since the cream reaches a bit deeper.

Since its very chemical it’s a good idea to try on a small part first in case your skin reacts to the cream.

An epilator is an electronic gadget with several tweezers that plucks the hair from the root. The results can last up to 4 weeks. It’s similar to waxing since you pull the hairs out. Epilating takes longer time, so if you think waxing hurts, you might not want to try this. You get used to the feeling though, the first time I’d worst. The epilator can be pretty loud. This takes time, so make sure you have some to spare.
There are different types of epilator, cord, cordless, dry use, wet and dry use.
You hold the epilator at a 90 degree angle on the leg and drag it against the hairgrowth, use one hand to hold the epilator and the other to stretch the skin before the epilator, both so the skin is stretched and the hand also helps to rise the hairs before the epilator gets to them.

I have one with a cord that’s for dry use. The cord is horrible, mainly because I have nowhere I can plug it in so I can use it in the bathroom. I’m thinking of getting a new one, cordless and for wet use.

This is both the most expensive and the cheapest method since it costs more than the other products but doesn’t need to be repurchased every other month. If you keep it well it can hold for years.

When you epilator it’s good to not do it right before you go out since the legs might get irritated. So do it a day you can stay home, wear pants or in the evening.

My preference
I prefer epilating or waxing since it lasts longer. Sure, it hurts a bit at first, but that’s not really a problem for me.

To prevent ingrown hairs it’s good to scrub away dead skin, use a body scrub or a brush. There’s even an epilator where you get a brush to use with the epilator. Brushing can be done on both dry and wet skin.

After doing the above you should moisturise. If your legs are irritated you can use something soothing, like Aloe Vera gel. Otherwise you can use a normal lotion.