Window 6 – 2017

Today I  got… 

Pink grapefruit shower gel, and 3 in one miracle mascara.

The pink grapefruit scent is  one of my favourites, so this one will likely run out quickly.

The mascara I’m looking forward to trying. I will show before and after pictures. 



Oh, look. I’m back.

I’m on vacation from work now, so I finally have some time over for posting. Thought I’d begin with s nail post.
This is the first time I’ve used nailpolish since September due to my work.


I went with a French manicure, it’s my go to design and what I feel most comfortable in.
This pink hue is darker than I usually use, but I like it.

I’ll try uploading some more post during my vacation.


Christmas gift!

Today I got a christmas gift from a very dear friend.

It was…


A lovely set from The Body Shop in my favourite serie, Pink Grapefruit.


A small shower gel!
A small body butter!
A perfume!

I’ve loved the pink grapefruit scent since the first smell of it. And I’ve wanted the perfume for about a year. Which my friend knew (because I’m nagging my friends to death about the body shop ;p) and she’s wonderful!

So naturally, tonight I gave myself a grapefruit scented spa night. Which I really needed this week, and tomorrow I’m loosing myself in grapefruit again!


Window 21 – 2013


Window 21 contained…


Coconut lip gloss

I’ve only tried one of the lip glosses from the body shop, but not one of these.
I’ve mentioned before that coconut isn’t my favorite of the scent the body shop have, but in a gloss I think I can seal with it.
The gloss is a light shimmery pink with a standard angled applicator tip. For me the applicator is a plus since I don’t like the brush ones, they feel really unhygienic. The doefoot applicator feels more hygienic than this one though since it’s actually washable.

Thus gloss us moisturising with for me is a huge bonus.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’d notice I rarely use gloss, but after trying thus one I’ll try to make a post with glosses I’ve used.


Heels, heels, and more heels!

In this post I’m going to show most of the shoes I currently own and use.

I’ll start with my pumps.

Pink    Turquoise

These I bought last summer, I were planning on only buying the turquoise ones, but since I’d just bought a pinkdress the pink one got home with me to.
I use these mainly with black dresses to add a little pop of colour.


These I bought last summer, specifically for a grey dress I have. But I sometimes use them with skirts or black dresses.

Flower         Hig heels

These two pairs  I bought for New Years, I havent used the bottom ones much yet, other than at home. They are a few cm’s taller than I’m used to, so I want to get used to them first.


These I bough a couple of years ago. Now I never use them because the lower part of the heel is broken, but I’m gong to get them fixed.

Now we’ll move on to my boots.


These I got from a friend when she cleaned out her closet. I use these really much during the summer, they get a bit warm, but they are really nice.


These I got from my boyfriend about 3 years ago. I rarely use them since I’m not a huge fan of wedge heels. But I still love them

High winter       Low winter

These two pair are my fall/winter shoes, got them last year in october.
I used the tall ones with a low heel as an everyday shoe and the low ones with the higher heel as a party shoe.

Besides from these there are the shoes from my last post, the ones I work in. But that’s all the shoes I actually use.


Cupcake Nails

I were taking care of my nails today and were thinking about making them red. But my friend Miranda wanted me to do cupcake nails. So here they are. This is before i removed excess polish from my fingers.


I decided to show both mmy left and right hand. Usually I fail on my right hand, but I’m pretty hapy with these.
The purple polishes, the bue and the bright pink one are Depend Polishes and the white and light pink  ar from E.L.F
The basecoat is from O.P.I and then I used first O.P.I Top coat  then Seche Vite Fast drying Top Coat.

I usually don’t do nail art on myself. So we’ll see how long this gets to stay on.


Todays make up look.

Today I made a simple look with brown shadows and pink lips.


I used a light beige and a brown shadow on the eyes and finished with a brown liner and black mascara.
The lipstick I’m wearing is Smashbox Electric Pink. It’s a matte pretty strong color, so I just slightly dabbed it on my lips.


I also got an appointment at a hairdresser, I’m going there at 11 on monday. I’m going to cut and color, the tips will still be a little darker, but I wanted to avoid bleaching. Sonce I’m coloring at the hairdresser I don’t know if I can try the healing oil treatment in the color, I might bring it and ask, but I don’t know. Feels like it’s kind of rude.