Window 18 – 2017

Today I got… 

The ritual of ayurveda balancing shower gel, and almond hand and nail manicure cream. 

So, this is the third (and final, to my knowledge) hotel product, previously I’ve gotten shampoo and a bar soap. I had guessed that there’d be a conditioner, but I was wrong. So now I can try the shampoo. So that will be really interesting. I’m looking forward to trying this shower gel too, the ayurveda scent is my favourite put if the scents I’ve tried. I wish the bed and body mist I got was this scent, I love it as a sleep scent.

The hand cream is great, I haven’t used the almond products for a while, but I used to use them every time I did a manicure. The scent is not overpowering and the cream is light but still moisturises well, also really pleasant as a cuticle cream. 


New purchases

Today these things entered my home.


A depend gel polish kit.
This contains a LED-lamp, before/after cleaning solution, base coat and top coat. And of course instructions. You need to buy remover and colours separately, so…

I got french white and french pink pearl as colours and also remover oil.

The results from this is supposed to last for 2-3 weeks, which is why I went with colours to make a french manicure since that always works.

There was 2 different removers, one where you wrap each nail in foil after applying the remover and this oil remover. I felt like the remover oil might be better for the nails and skin.

I’ll try this kit right away. I will take pictures, but I might wait with posting more about this kit until I’ve gotten the hang of it and know how long it’ll hold.


Peacock green.


Yesterday I finally hot my hands on a polish I’ve been wanting for a little while.
The polish is Mavala’s Peacock Green.
I spotted this when I was walking around town and since I’ve been looking for a green polish for what feels like an eternity, I fell instantly. And now it’s mine.
It’s a beautiful shimmery green, it’s lighter than in the picture and looks really good to my skintone.


New years planning

Hi everybody. Sorry about bad update, but I’ve just wanted to relax now around christmas.

Today I was in town to look for clothes to New Years Eve, I came home with two pair of black pumps, one envelope bag, a strapless long dress and a new freebra since mine was both two sizes (!) too small and had lost the glue.

My new years ensemble is entirely in black, so I’m thinking of how to do my make up and my hair.
Right now the plan is doing champagne/golden nails, a golden shimmery smokey eye and red or nude lips. And maybe put my hair up in a french twist.
What do you think? Anyone have any other ideas?

Pictures will be up on my look. I’m really bad at remembering to take pictures before leaving my house, but if I don’t I’ll try taking at the party.


Window Number 13 – 2012

Behind the 13:th window we had.

Lucka 13 Stängd

Almond Hand and Nail Cream – 100 ml

Lucka 13 Öppen

I’ve used this hand cream before and I really like it. It moisturizes well and the scent isn’t too strong. I also use this as a cuticle cream.
I have had two small tubes of this and gace one to my mother, the other one is about half empty. I also have the Almond Hand and Nail Butter. But usually I carry a hand cream in my bag. so this one is really nice to have.
I prefer using the wild rose one, but since that’s heavily scented the almond one is better for carrying around.


Nails and Nail Challenges

I’ve been looking through a few blog with these nail challenges and I’m thinking of doing one.
However I don’t think that “red” is a nail challange so I’m going to put together a nail challange by myself.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I want things that are more of a challenge than “red” or “yellow”
More like “cupcake” or “snowmen”.

I don’t know if ut will be a daily for a month or weekly for a year yet. Depends on the amount of suggestions I get in.
So write in the comments, what you can think of or want to see.