Window 8 – 2014


In window 8 there was…


Two “face satchels”

One for the Vitamin E Sink-in Moisture Mask. That I’ve made a first impression post about here.

And one for the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion. I actually bought a full sized of this one a little while ago, will post that entire haul soon.

Last year when I got a similar window, I was slightly irritated, this year I know that it’s because the extra money is needed for another window. Which is exciting.

I always save these satchels, I literally have a pile of face satchels. They’re great to have handy if I need to go away for a while, since I then won’t have to bring entire jars/tubs/tubes with me


Window 14 – 2013


The fourteenth window gave me…

2 facial mask satchels.
One Vitamin E sink-in moisture mask
One Vitamin C Microdermabrasion.
I also got a coupon for 20% off on a full sized one.

I already have the vitamin E one and I really like it.
I’ve always wanted to try products from the Vitamin C series. So I’m looking forward to that.


First impression: Vitimin E Sink In Moisture Mask

In my last post I mentioned some things I got/bought for my birthday.
I’ve tried some of them and here is a firts impression of the Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask from The Body Shop

vitamin e mask
icture from The Body Shop’s Homepage


The description says to Put on a thin layer, leave on for about 10 minutes and then just wipe of the excess. So when I tried this, that’s what I did, except I left it on for about 20 minutes.

My first thought instantly was “wow, my skin is really smooth now”. Before using this I had some dry and even some flaky parts on my face, but after only one use those were gone, even now  4 days later they haven’t returned. So I’ll definetly use this more to see if it works in the long run. I’m also thinking of using it as an overnight mask, putting it on in the evening and then sleeping on my back with this on. Since it is a sink in mask I don’t really believe you can leave it on for too long.

I did notice that while it sunk in well it left a kind of sticky residue, so while it probably works as a night moisturiser I wouldn’t use it in the day.
The texture is gelly, i found that the best way of getting it up from the tub wasnt to sweep my finger in it but tap my finger into it.
So far I can’t say much about the scent since I haven’t decided what I think of it yet, but there will be a more elaborate review when I’ve tried this more.

Having tried only this product from the Vitamin E series makes me want to try more of them, Facial wash, hand treatment and body butter, to mention some.


New products from my birthday.

Last friday was my birthday, I turned 21.

My boyfriends father and his girlfriend gave me a sort of goodiebag. It contained lots of nice little products, and what they referred to as “the real gift” – a giftcard to The Body Shop.
Here I have some pictures of the things from the bag and the products I bought with the giftcard (and some extra money)

I’ll start with the goodiebag. When I got the bag and started looking at the things, she said “I thought you needed something to blog about.”


Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo and Conditioner – 50 ml of each.
Strengthening and Repair



Depend Hand Cream – Day
Nails Inc. London Nail polish in Cambridge Terrace
ORLY Nail polish in Sheer Nude



balance Me Wonder eye cream
Acne Killer Peel off Mask



Glossybox Lipstick in Glossy Pink
Model co Cheek and lip tint in Rosy Red
Mschic lip pencil, it doesnt say a name but it’s fuchsia colored
Elite Models Intensity Eye Liner, black and waterproof

Now we’ll move on to my new Body Shop Products



Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Body Scrub in Vinyard Peach (LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent)
They had an offer so when I bought the lotion and scrub I got a free Shower Gel.



Satsuma Shower Gel – I actually got this when I bought a Chocomania Scrub and Body Butter, but I included it here anyway.
Vitamin E Sink in moisture mask – I’ve needed a Moisture Mask for sooo long, so I felt that when it’s soon winter I had to get one.
A facial massager.
They also gave me a free perfume sample – White Musk, Smoky Rose

Aside from theese products I’ve also bought a chocomania scrub and body butter recently, but I forgot to take pictures of those.


Tonight I’m having a relaxing night at home so I’ll try a few of these products, like the vinyard peach ones, the hair products and the moisture mask and facial massager. But I will be back with pictures and reviews of all of these.



Nails and sleep

Today I removed my gold polish, so tomorrow I’ll redo my nails. Any wishes on a mani you’d like to see?
I’d like to do something with turquoise. But have no ideas other than that. Maybe turquoise with a bird on or something. Any ideas?

Today when I got home there was a package lying on top of my laptop. It contained this:


A sleeping mask from Daydream.
I actually didn’t think anyone would listen to my plea the other day, but a friend of mine did. So I hope that tonight I’ll be able to sleep properly.

Some persons I’ve talked to about this mask have asked me what’s so special with the daydream masks and what’s separating them from the cheaper sleeping masks that are availible in the town where I live.Since I have one of these cheaper masks I’ve made a comparison picture.


Firstly the fabric is different, the daydream mask is thicker and firmer and the material is soft towards the eyes instead of silky.
The Daydream mask is smaller and fits better over the eyes., the other mask goes a bit over half my face.
The Daydream mask have two adjustable straps, the other mask has one non-adjustable strap that lost it’s elasticity after about 4 uses
The Daydream mask has foam rubber by the nose to block light from entering.

The last one is mainly the one that made me hate my earlier mask, it let in to much light at the nose part.

Since I got the mask today I obviously haven’t tried it yet, I’ve tried it on but haven’t slept with it yet. I hope it lives up to my expectations. I’ll update this post tomorrow after trying it one night.

After sleeping with the mask I can only say that I’ve slept better than I’ve done in a couple of weeks. So I love it!


Sleeping like a baby.

That can sum up my last weeks.
And to remove confusion, I’m sleeping really bad.
I know the expression “Sleeping like a baby” usually indicates that you’ve been sleeping good, but come on! Babys wake up all the time, so it should mean that you sleep bad.

The last few weeks I’ve been having a really hard time sleeping, I wake up several times during the night, usually because it’s to light in the room. My sleeping mask lets in light on the sides of the nose, so it’s pretty much useless. I need a better sleeping mask but can’t currently afford one. So if anyone is feeling like a happy samaritan, or feels like giving me a late christmas gift you’ll earn a permanent place in my heart. (*wink* *wink*)


But now to the the real post.

I’ve gotten in to a class to become a receptionist. (at least that’s what I think I’ll choose, I have a few choices)
The class is 8:30-16:00 monday-friday and I’ve finished the first week. So far it feels good but I’ve been exausted when I’ve gotten home. Hence the bad blogging – please ignore the fact that the class doeasn’t cover why I was absent on the blog the entire month of January.

I’ll try updating more from now on, I’m just dry on ideas ans I have about 4 hours total every day where I don’t have any plans, and those are not consecutive usually its two before dinner and 2 after dinner. So that’s all the time I have for, going home,, grocery shopping, cleaning, dishes, laundry, the gym, reading, blogging, spending time with friends, showering…
I think you get the point.
But I like having something to do during the days, I just hope it actually leads to work. Right now I just feel like a cold beer with some friends though, or just a cold beer at home, or just a beer.

This week I’ll try to show off some nice makeup looks. Are there any color in particular you’d like to see? I’ll also try to do at least one nail post.
Maybe a few product reviews if I can decide on which products. I’ll definetly do an eye post soon, no sleep make my eyes sad.

I’m also waiting to hear from two of my friends. I gave them some products for christmas and asked them to give me a review on them for the blog. They might have forgotten, but we’ll see.


Window Number 21 – 2012

In the 21:th window we found.

Lucka 21 Stängd

Warmin Mineral Mask – 100 ml

Lucka 21 Öppen

I have this mask already, but mine’s almost emoty, so this is great.
I use a facial mask once a a and often reach for this one if I’m not in need of any special target area. This is for all  skin types and when you rub it on your skin it really gets warm. It smells nice of eucalyptus and I always feel fresh and glowing after I’ve used this. The texture is a bit runnier than a clay but it still feels like one, and since it is a clac mask that is good.

If I have time in all the christmas things that is to be done I’ll do a christmas manicure tonight.