Window 7 – 2017

In the seventh window I got… 

10 miracle wipes and a frosted berry bar soap. 

I love Mahe up remover wipes, so practical. I’ll definetly try these the next time I wear makeup.

Bar soaps as mentioned, I don’t really use. I might keep it as a decoration or try making liquid soap out if it. I’ve seen somewhere that that can be done. 


Window Number 20 – 2012

In window Number 20 there was

Lucka 20 Stängd

Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover – 250 ml

Lucka 20 Öppen

I got one of these last year to, and it’s a really nice remover. Sadly it doesn’t work on waterproof make-up, and I usually use waterproof mascara. They have a camomille remover for waterproof make-up to, it’s a cream and I’m hoping to try it sometime. Even though I’m not a fan of cream remover.
This is a watery liquid that’s easiest to use with a cotton pad/ball. I usually put some on a cotton pad, hold it against my eyelid for a few seconds and then gently pull it downwards to remove the make-up. It has a very mild scent that’s not disturbing at all.
I’m almost out of mine, so getting a new one is really good. Too bad it wasn’t the waterproof one.


Halloween Makeups

Here we have pictures of some of the halloween makeups I’ve done. Aside from these I made a few skull faces and a clown, but those were just quick and sloppy so I’m choosing not to upload those. I have two from friday and to from saturday. I had a scull face on friday but I don’t think it turned out good enough to upload.

I’ll start with the friday make ups. They are on the bloody/scary side.

Burn victimMy friend Sonny


This one is made with liquid latex, cotton, theater make up and fake blood.
This one was pretty quick actually. The most time consuming was waiting for the latex to dry,

Then we have a Zipper Zombie – My Friend Patrik


This is my personal favorite from friday.

Made with liquid latex, theater make up, fake blood, foundation, concealer and obviously a zipper.
The make up part was quick but blending the zipper took time. Sadly we couldn’t get a white zipper, so it was really hard to blend, that’s why it’s not completely blended in.

And now we have the Saturdays make ups.
I didn’t have time to take these pictures before I went to the party, so this was shot about 7 hours after I made the make up.

The Joker – My Fiancé Jonas

Made with theater make up and green spray hair paint. I were going to do latex scars, but didn’t have the time,

The Joker make up is supposed to be a bit smuged, so that was just good.
He had green in his hair but that didn’t eally show on the picture.
Sadly I didn’t have time to do the scars since I was late so I didn’t start doing our make ups until 5 minutes before we were supposed to get picked up. And I really need to get my hands on some rigid collodion if I’m going to make some sort of scars next year.

Harley Quinn – Myself


Mak with just regular make up. The red eyeshadow however is from Kryolan and super pigmented.

I didn’t have the money for a proper costume or the time to sew one, so I omprovised with red tigghts, black shorts and a red and black corset. Sadly with plastic instead of metal.
My make up is also done quickly and my lipstick is really faded on these.
I spent about an hour and a half on trying to get my hair up to look like the hat she has. But then I decided to just do pigtails. I tried with hairspray, hairgel and sugarwater. So my hair is a bit tired right now.

Well that’s what I have now. I might do more this week depending on time, ideas and parties next weekend.
But tonight I’ll have a me day to give my hair and face some care after all the hairspray, heat and heavy make up.


The Body Shop

I love The body Shops products.

So I thought I’d do a couple of reviews on them. In this post I will list the products I have.

Body Butter

Pink Grapefruit
Divine Calm – Wellness

Shower Gel/Cream

Sweet Lemon
Pink Grapefruit
Divine Calm – Wellness
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Total Energy – Wellness
Apricot and Basil – Earth Lovers
Kaffir Lime and Coconut – Spa Wisdom Polynesia
Adzuki bean and Rice


Sweet Lemon
Pink Grapefruit
Lotus and Frangipani – Spa wisdom Polynesia

Body Scrub

Sweet Lemon
Pink Grapefruit

Body Mist

Pink Grapefruit
Apricot and Rice – Spa Wisdom Japan


Sweet Lemon – Lip Butter
Mint – Lip roll on


Sweet Lemon – Beautifying Oil
Monoi Miracle Oil – Spa Wisdom Polynesia
Unfragranced Massage Oil – Wellness
Divine Calm Massage Oil – Wellness
Harmonising Massage Oil – Wellness


Facial Brush
Camomille Gentle Eye Make-up Remover
Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash
Seaweed Clarifying Toner
Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment
Seaweed Ionic Clay Masque
Warming Mineral Masque


Strawberry Hand Cleanse Gel
Almond Conditioning Hand Wash
Almond Hand Cream
Almond Hand and NailButter
Hemp Hand Cream
Hemp Intensive Hand Butter
Wild Rose Caring Hand Wash
Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Cream
Wild Rose Hand Butter


Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak
Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub
Peppermint Reviving Leg Gel
Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray
Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion
Peppermint intensive Foot Rescue
Hemp Intensive Foot Protector


Ginger Anti Dandruff Schampoo
Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter


Japanese Cherry Blossom Perfume
Bath Lily
Bath Brush
Exfoliating Gloves
Cocoa Butter Moisture Stick
Detangling Comb
Deodry Roll On – Green
Deep Sleep Pillow Mist – Wellness
Pomegranade and Raspberry Body Room and Linen Spritz

Wow! That was even more than I thought I had…

Anyhow If there’s anything special you want me doing a review on, leave a comment. Or else I’ll Just do the one I feel like for the moment.


My make Up Brushes

Here is a post with my make up brushes.

I bough a set with brushes from a swedish page called Eleven. It’s the same page that I bought the Macadamia products from. And I’ve been using these for a while now.

18 brushes in different sizes and uses.

Left to right
1 eyebrow/eyelash brush/comb. Usually I use the comb to separate my eyelashes and comb through my eyebrows.
1 Mascara brush which I use to shape my eyebrows and also sometimes on my lashes.
1 Foam (?) brush. I use this for shading with a cream shadow when I want to straighten my nose or such. I have no idea what this brush is called
2 Angled eyeliner brushes, I use the vrown one for my liquiud eyeliner and the white one for when i use shadows as liner.
1 Small eyeliner brush. I use this for detail work when I feel like doin artistic looks.
1 Concealer brush. I have a triple concealer from Viva La Diva, I’m saving up to buy one from Make Up Store though.
1 Lip Brush. I use it for  lipstick (duh)
1 fan brush. Can honestly say I rarely use this, but when I do, it’s for blush or bronzer.

5 Eyeshadow brushes in different sizes
1 Blending brush.
1 Blush brush. I use this one whit my cream blush since it’s more dense than my other blush brushes, I’ll show them some other day.
2 Powder brushes. I usually use the smaller one for shaping and the biger one for entire face covering.

As I mentioned in the Blush Brush descripion I have more brushes than these. I’ll show them some other day since I didn’t have any pictures on them on my computer and my camera is charging.