Window Number 9 – 2012

In the ninth window we have

Lucka 09 Stängd

100% Natural Lip Roll On, Mint

Lucka 09 Öppen

It had the be the flavor/scent that I already have.
As I said in my lip-guide this isn’t a product I’ve falled for or reaches for. But since I now have two of them I might need to use it a bit more.
I really love the mint scent and the feeling but I don’t really think it does anything. THis might be because I always forget to shake it.
Since this is an oil and not a balm I feel that this is more of a summer product. So I’ll see how much I’ll use this. I would like to try another scent/flavor. But apparantly I’m supposed to use the mint one.


Window Number 2 – 2012

Behind the Second window we have

Lucka 02 Stängd

Chocomania Lip Butter

Lucka 02 Öppen

Last years calendar contained a cocnut lip butter, – which I gave away and then bought a lemon one instead – I prefer the scent on this one before the coconut one.
I think the scent is best described as caramel/toffee, just not as sweet. It’s not unpleasant, I just don’t think chocolate when I smell it. But I still like it.

I think these lipbalms are pretty good. I tend not to use them so often though because they taste a bit funny.
I haven’t checked hpw long they stay on my lips without having to re-apply but they do moisturize really well.

The color is light brown and the texture is hard. It turns creamy by the heat from you finger so it’s pretty easy to apply. It leaves a slight sheen on your lips but no color at all.


Winter is coming – Lip Guide Part 1, Care

Picture from Here

Well since winter is coming I’d like to give a few lipcare tops to keep them kissable and soft during the cold months.
There will be a part 2 of this post with products and home remedies in a couple of days.
I live in Sweden, so obviously I ride polar bears wherever I go and nothing is ever closed due to snow – One of those is true, you can guess which one (the polar bears of course)

Where I live, the temprature during winter is cold. Usually it’s below -20 Celsius and there’s to many days when it’s somewhere around -30 to -35. So lipcare is pretty important. So here are some steps to keep your lips cold proof and smooth.

1. Exfoliate
Scrubbing your lips is a great way to remove dead and dry skin so that your lip moisturizer reaches the lips properly.

2. Moisturize
Moisturizing your lips is the best way to keep them smooth and nice.

3. Don’t Lick Them!
While licking your lips when they are dry might feel like it helts, it actually does more damage to your lips. Especially when it’s cold outside.
Ice lips? No thank you!

4. Cover
when you go outside, use a scarf or something to protect your face and lips from the cold and wind.

and of course,

5. Test your lips
When you think you’ve gotten the moist and smooth lips you want, or if you think they are to dry, always get them tested. And how do you do that? You kiss someone of course. Find a cute guy or girl and kiss them to see if your lips are kissable ;P
(While saliva can damage the lips, who the heck cares now?)

Winter is coming – Lip guide Part 2, Products.

New products

I was in town today for some errands and I took some time to look for some new lip-products for myself, since I’m not all that happy with most of what I got. I’m talking lip care now, not color/gloss.

This is what I came home with;

Two bottles of Passion Fruit Facial Cleaning Gel From The Body Shop
Lipscuff from The Body Shop
Smith’s Rosebud Salve and Strawberry Lip Balm from Rosebud Perfume Company Inc
Soya Milk Foaming Bath Powder from The Body Shop

Passion Fruit Facial Cleaning Gel from The Body Shop

Since I just bought these I obviously haven’t tried them. But they smell good.
These were in a box with Buy 3 products for 100 SEK.
I will try these and review them (hopefully), I don’t know when though since I have a lot of products to review and I’m also happy with my current skin care products.

Soya Milk Foaming Bath Powder

This one was also in the buy 3 for 100 SEK box with the Passion Fruit Facial Cleaning Gel so I thought, why not? I was more interested in the cleanser though, that’s why I bought two of that one.
This Foaming Bath Powder is – obviously – for taking a bath. The instructions say to use one tablespoon and add it to running water. Since it contains 2.1 ounces that means around 60 ml I think, which means that this bag contains 4 doses so to speak. I will try this one and at least give a small post of what I think, but I don’t now if I will make a full review of this one.


As I mentioned the other day my camera does not cooperate with me right now, so I really couldn’t get a picture of how this product looks without the cap. So I’ll describe it. It looks like a lip moisture stick but contains an exfoliant. I think its ground up fig seed so it exfoliates your lips. It also contains Vitamin E, Macadamia Oil and some other moisturizers. It has a light green color with brown dots that I’m guessing is the fig seeds. It also has a minty smell that I would say is closer to spearmint than peppermint.
You use this by just putting it on your lips like a normal moisturizer then you rub your lips together and whipe it of. I haven’t tried this one either yet but there will be a review on this one too.


Smith’s Rosebud Salve and Strawberry Lip Balm

I needed a new lip balm and I’ve been using Smith’s Minted Rose Lip balm (last picture, left side) off and on for a couple of years and I’m satisfied with that. Si I thought that since I couldn’t find mine, I’d buy a new one.
They didn’t have the mint balm so I bought the original and the strawberry one, and then I found my mint balm in an old purse when I got home.
I haven’t tried the new ones enough to give a review on them and since it’s a couple of months since I last used the mint balm, the review on that one will have to wait so I can frewhen up my opinion.
The strawberry balm and the mint balm are only for lips while the Original Rosebud Salve is a multi-purpose salve. I’ve heard it’s supposed to work well as a cuticle cream, so I think I’ll try that.
They come in a  small tin that looks really good, allthough tins might not be all that hygenic, I’m the kind of girl who keeps hand sanitiser in my bag, either as a gel or whipes, so it’s not really a problem. They do however exist in tube packaging to, but I wanted the tins, might buy the tubes later, anyway there will be a review on these too.
(I know I said at the begining of the post that I wasn’t looking for a color/gloss. I know these are tinted and a little glossy, but they are still lipbalms)

I’ll actually try to do a lip post soon since winter is coming and lipcare is extra important during the winter months, and if you like me live in Sweden –  or any other country in Scandinavia for that matter – it gets cold and windy in the winters. Last year I think we had between -20 to -30 degrees celsius most of the time.

Well that was all I had today


Todays make up look.

Today I made a simple look with brown shadows and pink lips.


I used a light beige and a brown shadow on the eyes and finished with a brown liner and black mascara.
The lipstick I’m wearing is Smashbox Electric Pink. It’s a matte pretty strong color, so I just slightly dabbed it on my lips.


I also got an appointment at a hairdresser, I’m going there at 11 on monday. I’m going to cut and color, the tips will still be a little darker, but I wanted to avoid bleaching. Sonce I’m coloring at the hairdresser I don’t know if I can try the healing oil treatment in the color, I might bring it and ask, but I don’t know. Feels like it’s kind of rude.