Lavender bath

Yesterday and today I went to the gym. Two times yesterday and one time today. I’m working on my running and core strenght. So needless to say I was a bit tired all over tonight, especially my legs and my abs.

So tonight I decided to take a relaxing bath. I pyt some of my Divine massage oil in the water, so the bathroom smelled wonderfully of lavender.
I really like have oil in the water for the extra softness it gives the skin afterwards.


Window Number 17 – 2012

In the 17:th window I got.

Lucka 17 Stängd

Divine Calm Massage Oil – 100 ml

Lucka 17 Öppen

I already have this massage oil and I Love it.
I’m a massage junkie. I love getting massage and this oil feels wonderful on the skin and it smells divine (pun intended)
The scent is dominated by lavender, it also contains camomille, but I don’t know if I feel the scent of that since I don’t know how it smell.
I really like getting a massage with this in the evening since it really helpes me relax.

There are more products in this scent, there’s a shower gel,a lotion, a body butter, a bath powder and an essential oil. I have the body butter and the shower gel. I really want the other products too. especially the bath powder.