I need to do something with my hair, I haven’t cut it in about a year and a half and the last time I coloures is a couple of months ago. So I went to a hairdresser today. Or well, it’s actually sort of a hairdressing school but anyway…

The first thing i heard when I got in was “Come back later, I’m busy!” The entire room was empty except this person, who was sitting down and reading a magazine. I said I just had a couple of questions ad that it would be quick. “Very well then, but hurry up.”
I asked about prices and some other things, then she just said that ;
“Well, I can get you an appointment, but we’re going to have to cut all your colored hair of.”
That would leave about 1-2 cm of my hair, and I know that my hair isn’t in that bad shape. (sadly I don’t currently have a picture to show you.)
I might have let this slide IF it was one of the students who had said this. But the one who gave me this attitude and told me to cut all my hair of was one of the teachers at that place. So I just left and now I’m looking for a new hairdresser.
You do not treat a customer like that!

So tomorrow my mom is taking me to a woman that she’s been to that apparantly is very good.

I don’t know if I will cut, cut and color or just cut and bleach and then do the coloring at home, I want a lighter hue than I have now so I’m going to have to bleach anyway And right know my hair has three different colors, dark-lighter brown-my natural color. And I don’t like it.