Window 6 – 2017

Today I  got… 

Pink grapefruit shower gel, and 3 in one miracle mascara.

The pink grapefruit scent is  one of my favourites, so this one will likely run out quickly.

The mascara I’m looking forward to trying. I will show before and after pictures. 


Christmas gift!

Today I got a christmas gift from a very dear friend.

It was…


A lovely set from The Body Shop in my favourite serie, Pink Grapefruit.


A small shower gel!
A small body butter!
A perfume!

I’ve loved the pink grapefruit scent since the first smell of it. And I’ve wanted the perfume for about a year. Which my friend knew (because I’m nagging my friends to death about the body shop ;p) and she’s wonderful!

So naturally, tonight I gave myself a grapefruit scented spa night. Which I really needed this week, and tomorrow I’m loosing myself in grapefruit again!