My new glasses

Today’s got my glasses.
Here’s how they look, I made a kind of sloppy makeup just to try it out with them.


These are really different from my old ones, they only had frames in the top and were slimmer.

I’ll need to learn how to apply makeup to enhance my eyed properly for these.


New style

Currently, I’m in the middle of changing my style, or maybe you could call it refining my style so it’s more how I want it.
Yesterday I ordered clothes with a couple friends, they’ll probably be here in about a month. It’s the first time in a few years that I’ve actually bought clothes I want instead of just an occasional item I need to replace. I’m really looking forward to getting them.
Also, about two weeks ago I went to the optician and ordered new glasses, my old ones have completely wrong strength since my visual defect has gotten worse since I got them, and since that was about 5 years ago I’m not surprised. I’ve been using contacts for the last two years and haven’t cared about updating my glasses. So I should get both regular glasses and sunglasses in the beginning of next week.

So when I get the glasses I’ll be playing around to find the right makeup for when I’m using them.

I’m also thinking of changing my hair, cutting it to middle length, somewhere between the chin and shoulders and colouring it close to my natural colour.
That might have to wait a while though due to the cost.

So basically I’m updating my entire look. It’s really exciting.

I’ll show pictures of everything when I get it/use it. So expect some looks at my glasses next week.