Window 18 – 2013


Window 18 gave…


Absinthe Purifying Hand Cream

Like all the other hand creams from The Body Shop this feels great om the skin.  It smells kind if herb-y, but that’s to be expected. I prefer the scent if this one over the hemp one.
This is also supposed to clear of bad smell, I don’t know about that yet but if I get a chance to try that, I will.


Window 09 – 2013


Hidden behind window 9 was…


A small chocomania shower cream.
And 20% of one of the seasons body butter.

The shower gel is perfect bag size, together with the small chocomania body butter this might make its way into my gym bag.
I love the scent if the chocomania products, rich chocolate that feels really luxurious. I usually use these at home for extra pampering.

The window was also a coupon for 20% of one of the seasons body butter. I might use it for a vanilla or cranberry one if I can afford it.


BB-Cream – Colour Comparision

As promised here’s a colour swatch and comparision of the Garnier BB-Cream in Light and the Maybelline BB-Cream in Light.

DSCN0970 On the top is the Garnier one and on the bottom the Maybelline one
DSCN0971 As you can see the top one is clearly visible while the bottom one is almost completely blended. So the maybelline one was a far better match for me.

I can’t say yet how it works since I’ve only used it ones. So I’ll get back on that.


Garnier BB-Cream

Today I got my first BB-Cream ever, I decided on the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB-Cream for sensitive skin.
I chose this because I usually like Garniers products, and I picked the one for sensitive skin because it doesn’t have perfume in it.
I hope it works, I’d still like to try other BB-Creams to have something to compare with. But this is a start.


The package.


The tube.

I’ll try this either tonight or tomorrow.
But I’m not sure if I’ll post a first impression review on this or not. I might just wait until I can make a larger review.


Window Number 24 – 2012

and the 24:th and last window contained.

Lucka 24 Stängd

Shea Body Butter – 200 ml

Lucka 24 Öppen

Not much of a surprise that it was a body butter, but I really like that it was the shea one
I’ve been planning on buying a more neutral body butter, but I’ve tried to choose between Shea, Olive, vitamin E and Aloe.
The only problem I have with the shea scent is that it reminds me of Sun Screen, which makes me long for sund when I smell it.
As for the texture and feeling on the skin it’s like their other butters, I like it but if you need something that absorbes fast, don’t buy a butter.

As for the pictures in this post, my step-dad wanted the camera for the holidays, so I’m using my compact camera.

And with this I’ll wish my readers a Merry Christmas, I’m going to go fix the christmas ham for lunch.
What’s your favorite christmas traditions, food, decorations and movie?