Window 15 – 2017

The fifteenth window held…

The ritual of  Dao relaxing serum, and coconut hand cream.

The handcream will be gifted away, since I don’t like coconut.

I’ll have to read up about the serum. But from what I’ve gathered you massage it on your forehead, neck and side if your face to relieve stress and tiredness. So it’ll be really interesting to try.



Window 20 – 2014


In window 20 I got…


Plum Lipgloss

I have 3 glosses from The Body Shop, Coconut, Peach and Frosted Cranberry
I rarely use the Coconut one since I don’t like the scent. All of them feels good on the lips – my boyfriend would argue with me here – and the Plum gloss is no different.
It gives a nice sheen, some sparkling but not to much and it doesn’t feel gritty since the glitter particles are small.

I like the glosses from The Body Shop since they actually feel moisturising,  there are so many glosses that feels like you’re putting glue or something on your lips, they’re sticky, and messy and just horrible, but these aren’t. It’s actually the only glosses I use due to that.


Window 21 – 2013


Window 21 contained…


Coconut lip gloss

I’ve only tried one of the lip glosses from the body shop, but not one of these.
I’ve mentioned before that coconut isn’t my favorite of the scent the body shop have, but in a gloss I think I can seal with it.
The gloss is a light shimmery pink with a standard angled applicator tip. For me the applicator is a plus since I don’t like the brush ones, they feel really unhygienic. The doefoot applicator feels more hygienic than this one though since it’s actually washable.

Thus gloss us moisturising with for me is a huge bonus.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’d notice I rarely use gloss, but after trying thus one I’ll try to make a post with glosses I’ve used.