Holiday tension relief

A few days late maybe, but here’s the tension relief post i mentioned.

Depending on how your tension shows you might need different types if relief. You might be mentally or physically drained, or as I get, both.

This holiday I’ve had a hard time doing the tension relief I’d like since I hurt my knee and can’t bend it. That’s also why the post is a bit late.

Some of these ideas combine mental and physical relaxation, at least according to me.

A nice bath
Mental and physical
Choose a scent you like, fill up a bath with bubbles/oil/salt and soak for as long as you want, light some candles and maybe put on some music or bring a book. Make sure you won’t be disturbed. Pamper yourself as much as you want, footscrub, bodyscrub, facial mask, hair treatment. Everything! And relax.

Find a nice calm place that’s not too cluttered or bright. Sit down, either on the floor or a yoga mat. Breath deeply and just let your thoughts roam. Think of nothing and just relax.
To heighten the feeling and experience get an oil burner or som incense, or just scented candles and light up around you, the light from a living flame is much more calming than a lightbulb.

There’s two versions of this one, either give yourself a nice massage where you can or ask someone to help.
During the stress that normally surrounds christmas knots are sure to form in your muscles.
So bring out a nice scented or fragrance free oil or lotion and spend some time on massaging it in, if you have someone else who gives you the massage, ask for a full body one or at leastvone for the back and shoulders.
If you massage yourself or only got back and shoulders.the you massage yourself, hands, feet, legs and arms. Start wherever you prefer and really work the lotion or oil into the skin.

If you just want a moment for yourself without any of the pampering relaxing above, take a book or some nice music and just curl up in bed or on a couch and disappear for a while.