Window 5 – 2014


Window 5 surprised me with…


A Smoky Black Eye Definer

There’s usually not many make up products in the calendars. So this was really nice.
It’s an eyeliner that is supposedly long lasting and waterproof (according to the website).
I’m looking forward to trying this since my most used look when I go out is smoky eyes.


Some things for the new year

Today I went to town to look for a few things. A bag and a calendar, the calendar because I want one and the bag because the calendar won’t fit in my current one, and I’ve been needing a bigger bag for a while.

First up, the calendar.



Nice size, about 13×19 cm, black leather and I also bought two pens to use with it.



6 cardpockets, one bill/receipt pocket and a spiralholder for the calendar.
The other side has a bill/receipt holder, a zipper coin holder and a pen holder.



I would’ve  prefered vertical days, but this is fine for starters, I might buy vertical refills later. Neither of them have time after 7 pm though, I would have needed longer due to work hours.

With one black and one red pen I can keep work and appointments separate. Just need to figure out which to use for what.

And now, the bag!



A smaller zipper pocket, perfect for my wallet so it’s easy to reach, dual handles and a shoulder strap, and the Björn Borg logo.
I’ve never had a bag with both handles and a shoulder strap, but it’ll be nice to be able to switch.



Just to show the zipper, material and logo.



A small zipper pocket, slightly bigger than the front one. And this one’s black plastic and not steel like the front one.



One spacious compartment for all that silly stuff women carry around. Two small pockets for phones or other small/medium things one one side. One zippered pocket along the other side.

It’ll be nice having a larger bag, but still not one of those ridiculously large ones I see around, and the calendar might help me get my days in order, it’s way to often that I find myself cramming a week of things into one day because I didn’t plan better. So now it’s organizing time. Starting,with a calendar and a bag, and later I’ll move on to cupboards, shelves and rooms at home.

Anyone got any good organizing tips?


Heels, heels, and more heels!

In this post I’m going to show most of the shoes I currently own and use.

I’ll start with my pumps.

Pink    Turquoise

These I bought last summer, I were planning on only buying the turquoise ones, but since I’d just bought a pinkdress the pink one got home with me to.
I use these mainly with black dresses to add a little pop of colour.


These I bought last summer, specifically for a grey dress I have. But I sometimes use them with skirts or black dresses.

Flower         Hig heels

These two pairs  I bought for New Years, I havent used the bottom ones much yet, other than at home. They are a few cm’s taller than I’m used to, so I want to get used to them first.


These I bough a couple of years ago. Now I never use them because the lower part of the heel is broken, but I’m gong to get them fixed.

Now we’ll move on to my boots.


These I got from a friend when she cleaned out her closet. I use these really much during the summer, they get a bit warm, but they are really nice.


These I got from my boyfriend about 3 years ago. I rarely use them since I’m not a huge fan of wedge heels. But I still love them

High winter       Low winter

These two pair are my fall/winter shoes, got them last year in october.
I used the tall ones with a low heel as an everyday shoe and the low ones with the higher heel as a party shoe.

Besides from these there are the shoes from my last post, the ones I work in. But that’s all the shoes I actually use.


Nailpolishes – Essie

I bought two new nailpolishes today.

They are Essie Polishes in the colour Licorice and Really Red

Sadly I can only give you stockphotos since my stupid little compact camera still won’t cooperate with me.
The pictures are from Essies website


I will redo my nails tomorrow with the red one and give you pictures.

My mom is bringing me back my beloved system camera. It’s really theirs but they never use it. As long as I live in the same town as them and return (lend) it to them when they need it, it’s sort of my camera. But I’m going to save up to buy one of my own.

I’ll try to do a look tomorrow to, but I’m not sure about how much time I’ll have, so that might not be done until late.