Window 19 – 2017

Today I got… 

Magnesium vat crystals, and scrub gloves.

I won’t try the bath crystals until my back is better, currently dealing with a pretty horrible lumbago. So I have a bit if a problem relaxing. 

The scrub gloves are just regular scrub gloves, but I’ve been needing to replace mine do getting new ones is great! I prefer body scrubs over gloves, but gloves are good when in a rush.


Window 14 – 2014


In window 14 I got…


Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath

Yay! A bath product! I love bath products!
I have been ecstatic ever since the Honeymania bubble bath came out, since I could finally have the same scent from the bathwater to the lotion. So when this series came out I instantly wanted it. The Bubbling Bath is a great start. The scent is pleasant, neutral but slightly sweet. It gives a good amount of foam


Oh, foamy!

I like it.
These bubbles will probably keep me company in the bathtub a lot.


Lavender bath

Yesterday and today I went to the gym. Two times yesterday and one time today. I’m working on my running and core strenght. So needless to say I was a bit tired all over tonight, especially my legs and my abs.

So tonight I decided to take a relaxing bath. I pyt some of my Divine massage oil in the water, so the bathroom smelled wonderfully of lavender.
I really like have oil in the water for the extra softness it gives the skin afterwards.


New things – photobomb

I went shopping with a friend today. Got a lot of fun new stuff.


From The Body Shop
Honeymania bubble bath melt
Peppermint reviving foot soak
Test of gardenia shower gel


Scholl Velvet smooth electric foot file


A new hairdryer
(My old one is around 11years old and is giving up)


A new epilator/ladyshaver/exfoliating brush.


Make Up Store
Passionfruit/lemon twist body butter
Cover all mix (been after this for a while)


A starting kit from Bare Minerals

I don’t know when I’ll review these products, but I’m going to try them pretty much before. If you want a fast review on any of these, give me a comment and I’ll fix it as fast as possible.


Holiday tension relief

A few days late maybe, but here’s the tension relief post i mentioned.

Depending on how your tension shows you might need different types if relief. You might be mentally or physically drained, or as I get, both.

This holiday I’ve had a hard time doing the tension relief I’d like since I hurt my knee and can’t bend it. That’s also why the post is a bit late.

Some of these ideas combine mental and physical relaxation, at least according to me.

A nice bath
Mental and physical
Choose a scent you like, fill up a bath with bubbles/oil/salt and soak for as long as you want, light some candles and maybe put on some music or bring a book. Make sure you won’t be disturbed. Pamper yourself as much as you want, footscrub, bodyscrub, facial mask, hair treatment. Everything! And relax.

Find a nice calm place that’s not too cluttered or bright. Sit down, either on the floor or a yoga mat. Breath deeply and just let your thoughts roam. Think of nothing and just relax.
To heighten the feeling and experience get an oil burner or som incense, or just scented candles and light up around you, the light from a living flame is much more calming than a lightbulb.

There’s two versions of this one, either give yourself a nice massage where you can or ask someone to help.
During the stress that normally surrounds christmas knots are sure to form in your muscles.
So bring out a nice scented or fragrance free oil or lotion and spend some time on massaging it in, if you have someone else who gives you the massage, ask for a full body one or at leastvone for the back and shoulders.
If you massage yourself or only got back and shoulders.the you massage yourself, hands, feet, legs and arms. Start wherever you prefer and really work the lotion or oil into the skin.

If you just want a moment for yourself without any of the pampering relaxing above, take a book or some nice music and just curl up in bed or on a couch and disappear for a while.


Window 01 – 2013

The long wait is over, today I could finally start opening my christmas calendar!

Window 1 had…


Window 01, 2


A Honeymania, Shower Gel

I’m very pleased with this, I actually didn’t think it would contain any Honeymania products.
I’ve wanted to try the honeymania range since it’s also more of a neutral scent, and because the range contains a bath product. Wich I have a sample of at home that I was going to try today, so it was the perfect Day to get the shower gel on.


Home Spa! Home Spa!

Now when Fall is here I’m starting to feel a bit gloomy, I think I might have seasonal depression, because this happens every year.
So what better way to get that chill out of your bones and get relaxed than indulge in a home spa?

In this post I’m going to include how I do my Home Spa days, but also how to satisfy all five senses during the experience.

I prefer having a bathtub available. If my fiancé ever suggests getting rid of our bathtub he’s crazy!

Pre-Spa day/night

Plan your spa day.
(this is prefferably done the day before)

Take a shower
Wash your hair and body the day before so you can focus on pampering yourself with treatments on the actual day.

Clean your bathtub/shower.

Scrub your tub and/or shower so they are clean and nice for your spa day.
Soaking in a tub that feels dirty is not a nice experience, and watching dirt on the shower walls are disturbing to the calm.

Remove clutter from the areas you’re going to use.
It’s easier to relax if the bathroom, bedroom, livingroom or other areas you’ll use are’nt cluttered.

Make sure you have everything you need/want.
Discovering in the middle of your spa night that you’re missing a drink, a snack, a product or anything else you’s want can annoying. Depending on what your missing it can also ruin your spa experience

Make sure you get the time you need for yourself.
If you have kids, see if you can find a babysitter.
See if your partner can leave the appartment/house or just make sure not to disturb you.
Turn of your cellphone, or at least put it on silent.

Remember, this day/night is for your relaxation.

Now on to the preparations you can do the same day

Prepare what your going to use/need
Take out the shower gel, body scrub, facial masks, hair treatments, a bath robe and other products you might want to use during the day.
This is so you won’t have to run all around your home in search for them.

Prepare snacks
Fresh fruit, wine, chocolate, anything you might want to eat or drink

Now on to the actual spa day.

Decide yourself what treatments you want to give yourself. This is the ones I usually do.

A relaxing Bath
Hair Treatment
Facial Mask
Body Scrub
Massage*                       *If my fiancé feels nice that day

Relaxing Bath
-Start by drawing a nice relaxing bath.
-Light some candles in your clean, clutterfree bathroom
-Start some relaxing music
-Put some nice scented oil, bath salt or bath foam in the water. Or even coconut milk, helps smoothen the skin really well.
-Slobber a hair treatment on your hair and leave it on while you soak.
-Massage a facial mask on your face and leave on while you soak.

Soak for at least half an hour, nibbling on some snacks or sipping on a drink.

When done soaking, let the water out, start the shower and rinse the treatments of your hair and face, then take a nice body scrub and scrub your entire body. Then wash your body and dry off. Then put on your bathrobe and move on to the next part.

If you don’t have a shower, put the mask and treatment in and just listen to music or read a book by candlelight. Then take a nice long shower.

Soak your feet in a footbath, preferably with a foot salt for 5-10 minutes while listening to music, reading och wathing a movie.
take your feet out of the water and scrub them with a footfile and/or a foot scrub before returning them to the water for a little longer.
Dry your feet and massage in a foot lotion. Decide yourself how much you massage it in, but remember that the feet carries the rest of you the entire day, so they deserve some attention.
Take a cuticle pusher and push back the cuticles on your toes and massage in a cuticle oil and a cuticle cream, let that sink in, there’s no need to rush.
If you feel like it, paint your toenails or just buff them up with a shine file. Remember to use a base and top coat to make the polish last longer.
When you’re done painting just put your feet up end relax.

File and shape your nails to a length and shape you feel comfortable with, then soak your fingers in some soapy or milky water.
Wash the soap of your hands and dry them on a nice towel before massaging in a hand cream.
Push back your soft cuticles and thoroughly massage in a cuticle oil and a cuticle cream on each nail.
Choose a happy nail polish and paint your nails, or just use a shine file to get a nice shine on them.

This is the slightly tricky part. You can give yourself a massage but it is not as nice as getting one from someone else.
Sometimes my fiancé is nice when I have my spa days and gives me a massage after I’m done, either full body or just back and shoulders. Otherwise I just massage my shoulders a little by myself.

After you’re done with all your treatments, don’t rush back to your everyday life. Put on a movie or read a book and just keep relaxing.
I myself prefer reading a book since I think that’s more relaxing than something including a screen.


So, how do we indulge all the senses while doing this?
De-cluttering the areas your going to use
Lighting candles to create a nice enviroment

Having tidy areas and nice lighting helps the brain relax since you wont be blinded bu strong lights ore thinking that the room needs to be cleaned
Relaxing music.

Relaxing music during the treatments, especially the bath helps your mind relax because it won’t wander away and start thinking about what to make for dinner the next day or when the laundryroom might be free.
My personal favourite to listen to during spa days is Enya

Scented candles, bath oils or the products you use.

Relaxing smells like lavender or lemongrass helps with relaxation.
If you prefer you can also use a fruity smell like peach or if you want something more luxurious try chocolate scented products.

Nice feeling products

The warm water loosens knots and tension to relax.
Nice feeling products feels luxurious.
The massage is relaxing, loosens knots (duh!) and human comtact makes us feel good.


If you eat or drink something you like it makes you feel good because of hormons being released. But choose something light, don’t eat an entire pizza since you might fall into food coma. Some of my favorites are:

FoodI have three favourites
Fruit – It’s sweet, filled with vitamins and antioxidants
Chocolate – Does this really need an explenation, I mean, it’s chocolate.!
Brie Cheese – Brie Cheese and crackers are delicious and I don’t eat it so often so it’s more of a treat when I do.

Drink – Three choices here to
Water – Hydrating and I usually mix it with some citrusfruit.
Chai-Latté – I really enyoy my chai-lattés, so I indulge sometimes.
Wine – Just as the chocolate, no real explanation, it’s wine!


Now as an ending I’m going to show some of my favorite products to use for my spa nights.



Hair treatments
Macadamia Deep Repair Mask
Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment

My alltime favourites, The Macadamia one doesn’t smell as chemical as the Lee Stafford one though, so it’s the favourite.


Facial masks
TBS Warming Mineral Mask
TBS Vitamin E Sink In Mask

The Warming Mineral Mask is Deep Cleansing and the Vitamin E one is Moisturising

DSCN1097       DSCN1112

TBS Vinyard Peach Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Body Scrub
TBS Chocomania Shower Cream, Body Butter and Body Scrub

These are the only series I have Shower Gel, Body Scrub and Lotion from, so these are the ones I usually use. I like having the same scent on all the products.
I opt for the chocolate one when I feel like a more luxurious night, but the Vinyard Peach Shower Gel works better as a bubble bath than the Chocomania Shower Cream ;P



Shemen Amour Mineral Foot Cream

This cream is divine.



TBS Almond, Rose and Hemp Hand butter

Usually use the Almond one as a Cuticle Cream and the Rose one as a Hand Cream

Well, this turned out to be a pretty long post, but I hope its helpfull



Winter is Coming – Feet Guide

Picture from Here

Here’s the next part of my Winter is Coming Series.
This Time it’s about Feet

During the winter months your feet aren’t out in the air so much. Shoes and socks are on our feet constantly. This causes the feet to get warm, sweaty and disgusting. I’m not really a fan of feet.
Since your feet are so closed up they can’t really breathe, wich can result in athlete’s foot. So here are some tips to prevent athlete’s foot and keep your feet fresh and callus free.

Prevent Athlete’s Foot

1. Use breathing material.
Materials like cotton and other natural materials allows your feet to breath through the materials.
Also change socks every day. If you sweat alot you can even change twice a day.

2. Inside shoes
Get a pair of inside shoes for your workplace/school. Sandals or other open shoes are good.

3. Wash your feet.
Your feet get’s sweaty in the shoes, that sweat stays on your feet. Wash your feet every night, make sure to wash between the toes. Also make sure your feet are dry
This might sound annoying, but clean feet are healthy feet. And it doesn’t really take that much time.

Remove Calluses

1. Soften feet
Take a nice foot bath with some foot salt and soak your feet to soften the skin before scrubbing.

2. Scrub
Try to avoid the foot file since it’s easy to file on the healthy skin which will just cause more hard skin. Instead go for a foot scrub or buff gently with a pumice stone. If filing is needed, do it carefully. After you scrubed you can soak your feet a bit more.

3. Moisturize
A key step in not getting that hard skin to come back so fast is to keep your feet moisturized. For some people moisturizing is even enought o get rid of it. Massaging in a foot lotion after a foot bath makes the lotion absorb better.

+Tip – Lemon
The acidity in lemons work well against hard skin. Simply rub fresh squezed lemon juice on the hard skin or put some lemon slicec on and let sit for a few hours. Then scrub as usual.

Keeping the Feet Fresh

While all of the above obviously helps keeping your feet freash, here are some extra steps to use if needed.

1. Foot Spray
This is a spray you just spray on your feet. It usually works on tired, warm and – some sprays – even mildly swollen feet

2. Nails
Keep ypur toenails trimmed and clean.


Here are some of the products I use.

Foot Bath
Usually I use The Body Shops – Peppermint Reiving Foot Soak
But dead sea salt and/or a little soap works to.

Foot Scrub

Again, usually I use The Body Shops Peppermint Soothimg Pumoce Foot Scrub
And/or a pumice stone.
But body scrubs and exfoliating gloves works to.
I just love the scent of peppermint


The body Shop – Cooling Foot Lotion
The Body Shop – Intensive Foot Rescue
The Body Shop – Hemp Foot Protector
Shemen Amour – Mineral Foot Cream
I usually moisturize my feet before going to bed. Wich one I use depends on my mood and what I feel like.
I’f I’m lucky enough to get a footmassage from my wonderful boyfriend I always go for one of the heavier creams since they’ll get massaged in.

Foot Spray

The Body Shop – Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray

This one was in my bag the entire summer. If my feet were getting tired and sweaty I could just sit down on a bench, kick of my shoes and spray this on to cool the feet of and get a fresh boost. I also use this if I get home after a late night with high heels.


That’s all I had on this right now. I f you think I missed anything, let me know.

Winter is Coming – Lip guide Part 1, Care
Winter is Coming – Lip guide Part 2, Products
Winter is Coming – Hand Guide


New products

I was in town today for some errands and I took some time to look for some new lip-products for myself, since I’m not all that happy with most of what I got. I’m talking lip care now, not color/gloss.

This is what I came home with;

Two bottles of Passion Fruit Facial Cleaning Gel From The Body Shop
Lipscuff from The Body Shop
Smith’s Rosebud Salve and Strawberry Lip Balm from Rosebud Perfume Company Inc
Soya Milk Foaming Bath Powder from The Body Shop

Passion Fruit Facial Cleaning Gel from The Body Shop

Since I just bought these I obviously haven’t tried them. But they smell good.
These were in a box with Buy 3 products for 100 SEK.
I will try these and review them (hopefully), I don’t know when though since I have a lot of products to review and I’m also happy with my current skin care products.

Soya Milk Foaming Bath Powder

This one was also in the buy 3 for 100 SEK box with the Passion Fruit Facial Cleaning Gel so I thought, why not? I was more interested in the cleanser though, that’s why I bought two of that one.
This Foaming Bath Powder is – obviously – for taking a bath. The instructions say to use one tablespoon and add it to running water. Since it contains 2.1 ounces that means around 60 ml I think, which means that this bag contains 4 doses so to speak. I will try this one and at least give a small post of what I think, but I don’t now if I will make a full review of this one.


As I mentioned the other day my camera does not cooperate with me right now, so I really couldn’t get a picture of how this product looks without the cap. So I’ll describe it. It looks like a lip moisture stick but contains an exfoliant. I think its ground up fig seed so it exfoliates your lips. It also contains Vitamin E, Macadamia Oil and some other moisturizers. It has a light green color with brown dots that I’m guessing is the fig seeds. It also has a minty smell that I would say is closer to spearmint than peppermint.
You use this by just putting it on your lips like a normal moisturizer then you rub your lips together and whipe it of. I haven’t tried this one either yet but there will be a review on this one too.


Smith’s Rosebud Salve and Strawberry Lip Balm

I needed a new lip balm and I’ve been using Smith’s Minted Rose Lip balm (last picture, left side) off and on for a couple of years and I’m satisfied with that. Si I thought that since I couldn’t find mine, I’d buy a new one.
They didn’t have the mint balm so I bought the original and the strawberry one, and then I found my mint balm in an old purse when I got home.
I haven’t tried the new ones enough to give a review on them and since it’s a couple of months since I last used the mint balm, the review on that one will have to wait so I can frewhen up my opinion.
The strawberry balm and the mint balm are only for lips while the Original Rosebud Salve is a multi-purpose salve. I’ve heard it’s supposed to work well as a cuticle cream, so I think I’ll try that.
They come in a  small tin that looks really good, allthough tins might not be all that hygenic, I’m the kind of girl who keeps hand sanitiser in my bag, either as a gel or whipes, so it’s not really a problem. They do however exist in tube packaging to, but I wanted the tins, might buy the tubes later, anyway there will be a review on these too.
(I know I said at the begining of the post that I wasn’t looking for a color/gloss. I know these are tinted and a little glossy, but they are still lipbalms)

I’ll actually try to do a lip post soon since winter is coming and lipcare is extra important during the winter months, and if you like me live in Sweden –  or any other country in Scandinavia for that matter – it gets cold and windy in the winters. Last year I think we had between -20 to -30 degrees celsius most of the time.

Well that was all I had today