I haven’t forgotten about this blog. I’ve just been pretty busy since I’ve gotten a job.
At a burger joint, so I’m usually really tired when I get off.
And my nails have to be kept short. So this is how they look now ='(


I also vant wear nail polish at work. And rarely put on make up in the mornings.
So I don’t really have any look posts right now.

But December is coming up, and just as I’ve done the last few years, I’m getting the Body Shop Christmas calendar
So then there’ll be a post every day.

I’ll also might be getting some new make up soon.


My new glasses

Today’s got my glasses.
Here’s how they look, I made a kind of sloppy makeup just to try it out with them.


These are really different from my old ones, they only had frames in the top and were slimmer.

I’ll need to learn how to apply makeup to enhance my eyed properly for these.


New style

Currently, I’m in the middle of changing my style, or maybe you could call it refining my style so it’s more how I want it.
Yesterday I ordered clothes with a couple friends, they’ll probably be here in about a month. It’s the first time in a few years that I’ve actually bought clothes I want instead of just an occasional item I need to replace. I’m really looking forward to getting them.
Also, about two weeks ago I went to the optician and ordered new glasses, my old ones have completely wrong strength since my visual defect has gotten worse since I got them, and since that was about 5 years ago I’m not surprised. I’ve been using contacts for the last two years and haven’t cared about updating my glasses. So I should get both regular glasses and sunglasses in the beginning of next week.

So when I get the glasses I’ll be playing around to find the right makeup for when I’m using them.

I’m also thinking of changing my hair, cutting it to middle length, somewhere between the chin and shoulders and colouring it close to my natural colour.
That might have to wait a while though due to the cost.

So basically I’m updating my entire look. It’s really exciting.

I’ll show pictures of everything when I get it/use it. So expect some looks at my glasses next week.


White Musk Smoky Rose

The Body Shop had membership days last week with double points on your purchase and I decided to pick up something from one of the less fruity series.
I wanted something where I could get body wash, moisturiser and perfume in the same scent, so I have something I can use right before going out without having scents clashing
I decided on the White Musk Smoky Rose products.

I got the Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Eau de Parfume on the membership days and since those points gave me 2 bonus certificates I went back today and got the Body Mist.

Shower Gel and Body lotion.

The Shower Gel lathers pretty good, cleans well and doesn’t feel drying, it doesn’t foam as much in bathwater as the other shower gels, but that doesn’t really matter just could have been a nice bonus.

The Body Lotion feels nice and is quickly absorbed and that’s perfect if I want to get dressed quickly after.
It doesn’t leave the skin sticky which is really nice. I haven’t used it enough to know the moisturising ability, but I’ll keep using it post a larger review.

The Eau De Parfume I have only tried once so I can’t really say anything about it yet. I got the Eau De Parfume instead of the Eau De Toilette because the scent usually lasts longer and I got this for evening use.

Then I went back and got the Body Mist because I might want to use this during the day too, and then I’d like a softer scent.

Depending on how often I use this and the hold of the mist and perfume I might get the Eau De Toilette in a while. I have two small samples of that one to try first though.

As for the actual scent of these products, it’s lovely. I’ve never been good at describing perfume notes or scents over all.
The musk is not too overwhelming, the rose plays a pretty big part though.
If I would put words on it I’d say it’s a spiced flower scent. It’s nice, youthful but still elegant. I also think the design off the packaging is gorgeous with its dark purple colour and pure and clean look.

These product are still new for me, so I’ll post another review when I’ve tried them for a while.


Holiday tension relief

A few days late maybe, but here’s the tension relief post i mentioned.

Depending on how your tension shows you might need different types if relief. You might be mentally or physically drained, or as I get, both.

This holiday I’ve had a hard time doing the tension relief I’d like since I hurt my knee and can’t bend it. That’s also why the post is a bit late.

Some of these ideas combine mental and physical relaxation, at least according to me.

A nice bath
Mental and physical
Choose a scent you like, fill up a bath with bubbles/oil/salt and soak for as long as you want, light some candles and maybe put on some music or bring a book. Make sure you won’t be disturbed. Pamper yourself as much as you want, footscrub, bodyscrub, facial mask, hair treatment. Everything! And relax.

Find a nice calm place that’s not too cluttered or bright. Sit down, either on the floor or a yoga mat. Breath deeply and just let your thoughts roam. Think of nothing and just relax.
To heighten the feeling and experience get an oil burner or som incense, or just scented candles and light up around you, the light from a living flame is much more calming than a lightbulb.

There’s two versions of this one, either give yourself a nice massage where you can or ask someone to help.
During the stress that normally surrounds christmas knots are sure to form in your muscles.
So bring out a nice scented or fragrance free oil or lotion and spend some time on massaging it in, if you have someone else who gives you the massage, ask for a full body one or at leastvone for the back and shoulders.
If you massage yourself or only got back and shoulders.the you massage yourself, hands, feet, legs and arms. Start wherever you prefer and really work the lotion or oil into the skin.

If you just want a moment for yourself without any of the pampering relaxing above, take a book or some nice music and just curl up in bed or on a couch and disappear for a while.


Some things for the new year

Today I went to town to look for a few things. A bag and a calendar, the calendar because I want one and the bag because the calendar won’t fit in my current one, and I’ve been needing a bigger bag for a while.

First up, the calendar.



Nice size, about 13×19 cm, black leather and I also bought two pens to use with it.



6 cardpockets, one bill/receipt pocket and a spiralholder for the calendar.
The other side has a bill/receipt holder, a zipper coin holder and a pen holder.



I would’ve  prefered vertical days, but this is fine for starters, I might buy vertical refills later. Neither of them have time after 7 pm though, I would have needed longer due to work hours.

With one black and one red pen I can keep work and appointments separate. Just need to figure out which to use for what.

And now, the bag!



A smaller zipper pocket, perfect for my wallet so it’s easy to reach, dual handles and a shoulder strap, and the Björn Borg logo.
I’ve never had a bag with both handles and a shoulder strap, but it’ll be nice to be able to switch.



Just to show the zipper, material and logo.



A small zipper pocket, slightly bigger than the front one. And this one’s black plastic and not steel like the front one.



One spacious compartment for all that silly stuff women carry around. Two small pockets for phones or other small/medium things one one side. One zippered pocket along the other side.

It’ll be nice having a larger bag, but still not one of those ridiculously large ones I see around, and the calendar might help me get my days in order, it’s way to often that I find myself cramming a week of things into one day because I didn’t plan better. So now it’s organizing time. Starting,with a calendar and a bag, and later I’ll move on to cupboards, shelves and rooms at home.

Anyone got any good organizing tips?


Christmas Tension

Now when Christmas is over, I’d like everyone to comment their best way to get rid of the “christmas tension” and I’ll do a post with all the tips.

Personally I get tense on Christmas, but that might be because I need to be at 4-5 places in one day, not including my own apartment.

So comment, comment, comment!

Feel free to give relaxing tips for New Years Day too, I’ll combine the posts.


Window 08 – 2013


The eight window held…


Moringa body mist.

I only have one other body mist and that’s pink grapefruit. I like the feeling of it and the fresh scent.

I haven’t tried the Moringa products much, I’ve thought the smell a little to strong. But since I got thus now I’ll dig up my shower gel and body milk and give them another try.