Window 2 – 2017

Time for the second opening.

In the second windows I got…

The ritual of Anahata shower foam, and mango shower gel. Small sizes. 

I haven’t tried the mango series S lot, except for what I’ve gotten in previous calendars. The scent is, as mentioned, pleasant, but not one I’d my favorites. 

The ritual foam is from a series I haven’t tried, it’s also a limited edition for this Christmas. It says rosewood and pine which sounds interesting. But I have yet to try it. I’ll put up a first impressions post after trying it. I gave tried another shower foam though and really like the product type.

Come back tomorrow for window number 3!


Window 23 – 2014


In window 23, this was hidden…


A large Wild Argan Oil Body Butter
I was hoping for this, I’ve been interested by this series since they came out, now thanks to the calendar, I have the bubble bath and the body butter. I’ll try this tonight after my shower.