Window 22 – 2017

Almost at the end now.

Today was…. 

The ritual of ayurveda shower foam, and born lippy strawberry lip balm.

I love this scent! The ayurveda series is so far my absolute favourite scent from Rituals. I’ve been needing a new one if these for a while bit held our in hope that the calendar would deliver.

The lip balm is pleasant, it has a slight tint and shine too it and smells a bit like strawberry bubble gum. I’ll probably kero this around for those times where I feel like light makeup but not like to much color. 


Window 1 – 2017

Hey everyone.

December 1st is here do its time to open the first window of our Christmas calendars. 

As I’ve mentioned I have 2, so I’m going to do this a little differently than I have before.

The green is the Rituals calendar and the purple is The Body Shop. 

Behind window number one we have…

Ritual of Ayurveda hand lotion, and Mango lip butter. 

The ayurveda series of one of few series I’ve tried a few products from, I like the scent and the lotion absorbed fairly well so it didn’t get everywhere.

The mango lip butter is pleasant and tastes a bit sweet. I’ve tried other lip butters from body shop before and it’s just as nice as the others. I prefer the scent of the pink grapefruit one though.


Window 20 – 2014


In window 20 I got…


Plum Lipgloss

I have 3 glosses from The Body Shop, Coconut, Peach and Frosted Cranberry
I rarely use the Coconut one since I don’t like the scent. All of them feels good on the lips – my boyfriend would argue with me here – and the Plum gloss is no different.
It gives a nice sheen, some sparkling but not to much and it doesn’t feel gritty since the glitter particles are small.

I like the glosses from The Body Shop since they actually feel moisturising,  there are so many glosses that feels like you’re putting glue or something on your lips, they’re sticky, and messy and just horrible, but these aren’t. It’s actually the only glosses I use due to that.


Orange lips

For valentines day I got an orange lipstick and a lipgloss with gold shimmer in it. I wanted orange lips since my eye makeup and my nails were a deep purple and orange complement that.


The lipstick is Electric Orange from Maybelline Color Sensational.
The lipgloss is the Peach one from The Body Shop.


I wanted the gold shimmers in the gloss because I had gold details that night, but I’ll use this gloss a lot, it smells divine! I like this kind of application too.
The lipstick feels nice and sat pretty good during the night. Nice sturdy packaging.


Here’s a swatch of the lipstick, lipgloss and the lipstick with the gloss over it.

I hope I’ll use this more now during the spring and summer.


Window 21 – 2013


Window 21 contained…


Coconut lip gloss

I’ve only tried one of the lip glosses from the body shop, but not one of these.
I’ve mentioned before that coconut isn’t my favorite of the scent the body shop have, but in a gloss I think I can seal with it.
The gloss is a light shimmery pink with a standard angled applicator tip. For me the applicator is a plus since I don’t like the brush ones, they feel really unhygienic. The doefoot applicator feels more hygienic than this one though since it’s actually washable.

Thus gloss us moisturising with for me is a huge bonus.

If you’ve followed my blog for a while you’d notice I rarely use gloss, but after trying thus one I’ll try to make a post with glosses I’ve used.


Window 12 – 2013


In the twelfth window there was…

100% natural lip roll on in berry.

I’ve tried the mint one and I’ve never really liked these. I don’t think they’re very moisturising. I like the feel and scent and the applicator is nice.
The berry scent is pleasant but I prefer the mint one.


New products from my birthday.

Last friday was my birthday, I turned 21.

My boyfriends father and his girlfriend gave me a sort of goodiebag. It contained lots of nice little products, and what they referred to as “the real gift” – a giftcard to The Body Shop.
Here I have some pictures of the things from the bag and the products I bought with the giftcard (and some extra money)

I’ll start with the goodiebag. When I got the bag and started looking at the things, she said “I thought you needed something to blog about.”


Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo and Conditioner – 50 ml of each.
Strengthening and Repair



Depend Hand Cream – Day
Nails Inc. London Nail polish in Cambridge Terrace
ORLY Nail polish in Sheer Nude



balance Me Wonder eye cream
Acne Killer Peel off Mask



Glossybox Lipstick in Glossy Pink
Model co Cheek and lip tint in Rosy Red
Mschic lip pencil, it doesnt say a name but it’s fuchsia colored
Elite Models Intensity Eye Liner, black and waterproof

Now we’ll move on to my new Body Shop Products



Shower Gel, Body Lotion and Body Scrub in Vinyard Peach (LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent)
They had an offer so when I bought the lotion and scrub I got a free Shower Gel.



Satsuma Shower Gel – I actually got this when I bought a Chocomania Scrub and Body Butter, but I included it here anyway.
Vitamin E Sink in moisture mask – I’ve needed a Moisture Mask for sooo long, so I felt that when it’s soon winter I had to get one.
A facial massager.
They also gave me a free perfume sample – White Musk, Smoky Rose

Aside from theese products I’ve also bought a chocomania scrub and body butter recently, but I forgot to take pictures of those.


Tonight I’m having a relaxing night at home so I’ll try a few of these products, like the vinyard peach ones, the hair products and the moisture mask and facial massager. But I will be back with pictures and reviews of all of these.