Eyebrow powder and gel. 

Today I tried my brow powder and gel. 

This is my brow before doing anything.

Then I used brow powder and an angled brush to fill it in. 

And then the gel for shape and hold. 

I’m not overly used to doing eyebrows, so I will probably play around a bit with these. Try different ways to fill and shape. 

Eyebrow plucking 

A few days ago I got an eyebrow kit. So naturally, I decided to use it. 

I forgot to take a before picture, so I hope this works out anyway. 

This time, I used stencils. 

Start by aligning the stencil you want on your eyebrow. 

After you do that, fill in the stencil with a powder or pen. I used a pretty dark power set, since my eyebrows are fairly dark. 

After filling in, remove the stencil and use tweezers to remove all the hairs that aren’t filled in. 

After doing that, you’re done. If you used a powder that is the right color for you. You can keep that filed in. 

But if you’re like me, and pluck on the evening. Use makeup remover and remove the powder. 

Then, depending on your preference. You can either leave them, or fill them on when you put on the rest of your makeup 
I try to go over then once in about 1 or 2 weeks to remove the growing hairs. To avoid having to repeat this process every time.