Christmas Calendar

Just noticed I’ve only made one post since the end of the last Christmas calendar. So I’ve had kind of a bad blog year. Well well, I’ll try to change that.

This year I decided to forgo my Body Shop Christmas calendar and get a Jewelry Calendar from Glitter instead.

I haven’t posted jewelry or accessories on here before, mainly because of two reason.
I barely own any accessories and the jewellery I use is usually just my every day jewellery. And also, I’m kind of bad at accessorising, since I rarely do that.

In an effort to change that I decided to get this calendar instead.


Every day I’ll get one new piece of jewellery. I’m kind of picky when it comes to jewellery though. I might like everything in the calendar, or I might end up not liking anything. Hopefully I’ll at least like some of the pieces.

First window opens tomorrow, see you then.