Teeth whitening – beconfiDent

Today I got a package with teeth whitening products that I ordered last week from beconfiDent. (www.beconfident.se)

I ordered a full package with trays, whitening gel, a whitening pen, tooth gloss and toothpaste. And instructions, obviously.

At the moment I’m doing my first 15 minutes.


Starting kit
This contained the trays, gel and pen.


Everything collected
I started with shaping the trays, dipping them in hot water and shaping them after my teeth. Then I applied a small amount of whitening gel un the trays and but them on the teeth where they’ll sit for 15 minutes.


Whitening gel.
Melon flavoured, pretty okay flavour, most home kits have mint flavoured though.


Whitening pen
I got this to be able to do touch ups. So I obviously isn’t trying this now, thinking about asking my fiancée to try this though. Or get another one for him.


Tooth gloss, mint flavour.
This leaves a protective film.over the teeth, and some extra luster according to the information.
I’ll probably use this on days/evening when I know I’ll need some extra care, for example if I’m going out to drink red wine.


Whitening toothpaste
Doesn’t really need a description. I won’t use this every day, but probably a few times a week.

And here are pictures from the first treatment.


My teeth before the first treatment.


With the trays in.
Oooh, sexy!

I sleep with a bite guard because I grind my teeth at night, so I didn’t find these uncomfortable.


And after the first one.

Not really any difference between the before and after picture, but realistically one time isn’t enough, but my fiancée said there was some change. So I’ll do a few more times and then I’ll post pictures again.


edit, May 6th.
When I woke up in the morning I noticed a slight change.

One thought on “Teeth whitening – beconfiDent

  1. Prepale087 says:

    I always brush at least 2 times a day, but often will brush 3 times. (I’m known to bring my toothbrush to work — It’s so nice to feel fresh after a meal)
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