Sunny day

Today when I got up, it was sunny and not a cloud in sight. So I put up the hammock on our balcony, put on a bikini some tanning oil and sunglasses,  brought a book and now I’m just lying in the sun hoping to get some colour.

I use a tanning oil from loreal with sunscreen that has spf 15, I usually don’t need sunscreen at all – I never burn – which is why I use an oil, protects but also helps get more colour.
I’m going to need to buy a stronger sunscreen for my tattoo though, so it doesn’t fade.

I love the summer and sunny days I can just drop everything and spend hours in the hammock. Sure it’s spring now and the last Snow just disappeared, but if it’s sunny and warm, I’m happy.


Lavender bath

Yesterday and today I went to the gym. Two times yesterday and one time today. I’m working on my running and core strenght. So needless to say I was a bit tired all over tonight, especially my legs and my abs.

So tonight I decided to take a relaxing bath. I pyt some of my Divine massage oil in the water, so the bathroom smelled wonderfully of lavender.
I really like have oil in the water for the extra softness it gives the skin afterwards.