Depend Gel Polish Nails

I was in town again today and picked up a purple gel polish instead, and decided to try using the kit to make nail extensions. The colour was different from the swatch at the store though. The last picture is the one that best shows the colour. The other ones are taken with a flash.


Before I began. This was the length and look of my nails. The first thing I did was glue on the tips.


I decided to keep the entire length of these tips since they are around the length I like to keep my nails.


You start with using the before/after cleaner to clean the nail do the gel will stick.


After that, add one picture of the base gel.



Cure in the lamp for 30 seconds.
Do 4 fingers and the thumb separately. I prefer finishing the fingers completely and then do the thumb.


Add two layers of colour gel, curing for 30 second each. This is after the second layer.


Then you add one coat of top gel and cure for 30 seconds again.


After that, use solution again to remove the sticky residue and bring out the shine.


After that, add cuticle oil. While having gel nails you should do that once a day.
This is the picture that best shows the colour and the result. The other pictures are lighter and shows that little edge from the tip way more than reality.

Remember that this kit is not made for doing extensions so if you do it you’re doing it at your own risk.

I’m having these on now as long as they’ll keep, or until the growing part gets ugly. I might add some gold polish or decorations for valentines though.


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