Nails and sleep

Today I removed my gold polish, so tomorrow I’ll redo my nails. Any wishes on a mani you’d like to see?
I’d like to do something with turquoise. But have no ideas other than that. Maybe turquoise with a bird on or something. Any ideas?

Today when I got home there was a package lying on top of my laptop. It contained this:


A sleeping mask from Daydream.
I actually didn’t think anyone would listen to my plea the other day, but a friend of mine did. So I hope that tonight I’ll be able to sleep properly.

Some persons I’ve talked to about this mask have asked me what’s so special with the daydream masks and what’s separating them from the cheaper sleeping masks that are availible in the town where I live.Since I have one of these cheaper masks I’ve made a comparison picture.


Firstly the fabric is different, the daydream mask is thicker and firmer and the material is soft towards the eyes instead of silky.
The Daydream mask is smaller and fits better over the eyes., the other mask goes a bit over half my face.
The Daydream mask have two adjustable straps, the other mask has one non-adjustable strap that lost it’s elasticity after about 4 uses
The Daydream mask has foam rubber by the nose to block light from entering.

The last one is mainly the one that made me hate my earlier mask, it let in to much light at the nose part.

Since I got the mask today I obviously haven’t tried it yet, I’ve tried it on but haven’t slept with it yet. I hope it lives up to my expectations. I’ll update this post tomorrow after trying it one night.

After sleeping with the mask I can only say that I’ve slept better than I’ve done in a couple of weeks. So I love it!


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