Window Number 17 – 2012

In the 17:th window I got.

Lucka 17 Stängd

Divine Calm Massage Oil – 100 ml

Lucka 17 Öppen

I already have this massage oil and I Love it.
I’m a massage junkie. I love getting massage and this oil feels wonderful on the skin and it smells divine (pun intended)
The scent is dominated by lavender, it also contains camomille, but I don’t know if I feel the scent of that since I don’t know how it smell.
I really like getting a massage with this in the evening since it really helpes me relax.

There are more products in this scent, there’s a shower gel,a lotion, a body butter, a bath powder and an essential oil. I have the body butter and the shower gel. I really want the other products too. especially the bath powder.


Window Number 16 – 2012

In the 16:th window I found

Lucka 16 Stängd

Vanilla Body Mist – 100 ml

Lucka 16 Öppen

I’m not really a vanilla kind of girl. At least I’ve never been. The scent used to give me an extreme headache and I’d shy away from anything – except ice cream – containing the word vanilla, even vanilla milkshakes.
So naturally I’ve never given the vanilla products at The Body Shop a second glance.

This mist doesn’t give me a headache. It’s soft, smooth and subtle enough to just leave a faint smell of vanilla on my skin, without bein overwhelming. Wich for me is a real surprise, when I opened the window and saw this I sighed and though “damnit, vanilla” so I was pleasantly surprised. But it’s probably because it’s a mist and not a perfume. It will probably be a while before I dare try a perfume that says vanilla.
I’ll probably combine the vanilla scent with the Chocomania scent to get a sweet, rich chocolatey vanilla scen. at least until I’m used to the vanilla.


Window Number 15 – 2012

In the 15:th window there was

Lucka 15 Stängd

Earth Lover Lemon and Thyme 100% Biodegradable Shower Gel – 250 ml

Lucka 15 Öppen

These shower gels aren’t usually the ones I reach for. I prefer a little more smell. But they do smell nice.
This one I’d describe as herby and very neutral. It will be good for the days when I don’t feel like a strong scent.
I like the idea of 100% Biodegradable. It’s also soap free, free of Sulphates, Parabens and Colourants and stored in I 100% Recycled Plastic Bottle.

The other scents of theses shower gels are:
Cucumber and Mint
Fig and Rosemary
Pear and Lemongrass
Watermelon and Eucalyptus
Apricot and Basil

I would like to try some of the others scents. I have the Apricot and basil one and when I use it I like it.
Cucumber and Mint and Watermelon and Eucalyptus sounds like two scents i could like.


Window Number 14 – 2012

In the 14:th window there was

Lucka 14 stängd

Almond Conditioning Hand Wash – 250 ml

Lucka 14 Öppen

I’ve actually had one of these in the bathroom for some time now, and it’s really nice. The smell is subtle, just like the hand creams and it feels smooth on your skin and gives a nice lather. It is soap free, usually that means that it’s not as drying as regular soap.
The one in my bathroom is almost empty, so this will come in handy.
I have tried the wild rose one as well and like them both. This has a milder scent so it’s more suitible for men, but the wild rose one has a pretty strong rose scent that might scare them away from using it. But it smells wonderful.
I myself actually prefer the scent of the wild rose series.


Window Number 13 – 2012

Behind the 13:th window we had.

Lucka 13 Stängd

Almond Hand and Nail Cream – 100 ml

Lucka 13 Öppen

I’ve used this hand cream before and I really like it. It moisturizes well and the scent isn’t too strong. I also use this as a cuticle cream.
I have had two small tubes of this and gace one to my mother, the other one is about half empty. I also have the Almond Hand and Nail Butter. But usually I carry a hand cream in my bag. so this one is really nice to have.
I prefer using the wild rose one, but since that’s heavily scented the almond one is better for carrying around.


Window Number 12 – 2012

In the twelfth window there was

Lucka 12 Stängd

Chocomania Shower Cream – 250 ml

Lucka 12 Öppen

I love the amount of Chocomania products in this calendar since I’ve wanted to try them for a while. So far I’ve gotten Lip Butter, Small Body Scrub and this Shower Cream. I’m hoping on some moisturizer to, either lotion or butter.

I have a small bottle of this one already and the times I’ve used it it’s been nice. I prefer using shower creams instead of gels on the days I scrub since they usually feel more moisturizing.
At first I didn’t like the chocolate scent on this range, but the scent grew on me the more I smelled it in the store. Also I just love using chocolate scented products if I do a home spa day for myself, it makes it feel so much more luxurious. The chocomania products smell more like dark chocolate than the other chocolate products I have, the other smell more like chocolate pudding.


Window Number 11 – 2012

In the eleventh window there was

Lucka 11 Stängd

Rainforest Moisture Conditioner – 250 ml

Lucka 11 Öppen

As I guessed I got a conditioner too.
It’s from the same range as the shampoo I got in the fourth window.
As I said then I tend to like the conditioner more than the shampoo. But I’ll try these out together later today. I also have a Moisture Hair Butter that I’ll use. So I can make a first impression review on these products together, I’ll post that tonight. Sure I’ve used the Hair Butter before, but still.

The Conditioner smells like the shampoo, sort of sweet but not to much. I like the scent. The texture is firm, just like I think a conditioner should be.
Just like the Rainforest Shampoos, the Rainforest Conditioners – and the hair butters – are without silicones, sulphates, colourants and parabens, which I think is really good.

I actually don’t like that I got full sized shampoo and conditioner in the calendar since I most likely won’t use them that much.


Window Number 10 – 2012

In the tenth window there was

Lucka 10 Stängd

Nutriganics Smoothing Night Cream – 15 ml

Lucka 10 Öppen

Yay. Now i have a facial wash, a day cream and a night cream from this range.
I love the dark packaging and this one has a pump dispenser, just like the day cream.

Just like the other two products, the 98% ingredients of natural origin claim is on the bottle and it’s also free of parabens and silicones.
The scent goes well with the others, but I still think hairdresser when I smell these products.

I’m looking forward to trying this one tonight. I’ll probably use these only for around 2 weeks now to see how they work.
This is actually the first time ever i have a day and a night cream, usually I use the same cream.

I actually hope i won’t fall completely in love with these products since the full size ones are about three times the prize of the L’oreal products I use know. But at the same time I’d love having a skin care routine from The Body Shop. So we’ll see how it goes.


Nails and Nail Challenges

I’ve been looking through a few blog with these nail challenges and I’m thinking of doing one.
However I don’t think that “red” is a nail challange so I’m going to put together a nail challange by myself.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I want things that are more of a challenge than “red” or “yellow”
More like “cupcake” or “snowmen”.

I don’t know if ut will be a daily for a month or weekly for a year yet. Depends on the amount of suggestions I get in.
So write in the comments, what you can think of or want to see.


Window Number 9 – 2012

In the ninth window we have

Lucka 09 Stängd

100% Natural Lip Roll On, Mint

Lucka 09 Öppen

It had the be the flavor/scent that I already have.
As I said in my lip-guide this isn’t a product I’ve falled for or reaches for. But since I now have two of them I might need to use it a bit more.
I really love the mint scent and the feeling but I don’t really think it does anything. THis might be because I always forget to shake it.
Since this is an oil and not a balm I feel that this is more of a summer product. So I’ll see how much I’ll use this. I would like to try another scent/flavor. But apparantly I’m supposed to use the mint one.