Window Number 12 – 2012

In the twelfth window there was

Lucka 12 Stängd

Chocomania Shower Cream – 250 ml

Lucka 12 Öppen

I love the amount of Chocomania products in this calendar since I’ve wanted to try them for a while. So far I’ve gotten Lip Butter, Small Body Scrub and this Shower Cream. I’m hoping on some moisturizer to, either lotion or butter.

I have a small bottle of this one already and the times I’ve used it it’s been nice. I prefer using shower creams instead of gels on the days I scrub since they usually feel more moisturizing.
At first I didn’t like the chocolate scent on this range, but the scent grew on me the more I smelled it in the store. Also I just love using chocolate scented products if I do a home spa day for myself, it makes it feel so much more luxurious. The chocomania products smell more like dark chocolate than the other chocolate products I have, the other smell more like chocolate pudding.



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