Window Number 8 – 2012

In the eight window there was

Lucka 08 Stängt

Chocomania Body Scrub – 50 ml

Lucka 08 Öppen

I haven’t triad many chocomania pruducts, but I’ve wanted to.

It smells nice and choclatey and is pretty solid and dark chocolate brown.
I’m looking forward to try this since I think that chocolate products feel much more luxurious than oother products.

The Body Shops Body Scrubs I’ve noticed have different textures, I’ve tried the Lemon and Shea one and they were soft but solid and left an oily residue on the skin. I’ve also tried the Pink Grapefruit one which were more liquid and didn’t leave an oily residue. I’m hoping this one doesn’t leave a residue. Sure it’s easy to get the oil of with showergel, but I think the skin is supposed to feel clean after scrubbing, not oily.



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