Winter is Coming – Face Guide


Here’s my Face guide for winter.

I were going to poost this earlier, but then I got dry in my face and bought new products for dry skin to try out.

Your face is really exposed to the cold and windy weather. So it’s really important to tale good are off the skin in your face.

1. Clean
Use a mild cleaner that’s made for your skintype.
Also make sure your make-up remover isn’t to harsh on your skin.

2. Scrub
Scrubbing of dead skin helps the moisturizer go deeper. And sometimes the dry patches you feel might just be dead skin.

3. Toner
Use a toner to calm your face after scrubbing. Watch out for alcohols!

4. Moisturize
Since the winter air is drying make sure to moisturize well.

5. Eyes
Don’t forget your eyes. The cold weather isn’t nice to the delicate skin around your eyes.


Make-Up Remover


NiveaWaterproof Eye Make-Up Remover
The Body ShopCamomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover

I usually use Waterproof Mascara, but I dislike creame Make-Up Removers so usually I remove my Eye makeup with the Liquid Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover and then Use the Waterproof Eye Make-Up Remover only for the mascara. It’s the easiest way of preventing the cream remover from getting in my eyes.
When I use foundation I actually still use the Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover, but I put a bit of it in a bottle with a foam pump.


DSC_0655     DSC_0659

L’oreal – Triple Active Fresh Cleansing Gel Hydrafresh – Dry and Sensitive Skin
L’oreal – Triple Active Fresh Cleansing Gel Hydrafresh –Normal and Combination Skin
L’oreal – Triple Active Balans Cleansing Milk – Normal and Combination Skin

Here I usually use The Cleansing Gels, but if I’m in a hurry or need a cleaning touch up during the day I use the Cleansing Milk.
When I bought products to combat the dry spots I got in my face I chose to buy the same serie so the skin would already be somewhat familiar with the products.
I’m really satisfied with these products, they don’t feel drying or to heavy and they cleanse good. The gels work to remove some makeup, I usually don’t bother with make-up remover if it’s just a little blush.
The Cleansing Milk is nice but I’m not a huge fan of products that you apply and then just removes with a cotton pad. It doesn’t feel like I get all the dirt of my face if I don’t rinse it of. That’s why I only use it for touch-ups if needed.



L’oreal – Triple Active Beautifying Stimulating Scrub – All skin types.

Works well and isn’t to harsh on the face. This is a daily scrub, but I use it every other day.
I prefer to keep my face products in the same range. At least until I find some products that really work for me.


L’oreal – Triple Active Balance Refreshing Toner – Normal and Combination Skin
L’oreal – Triple Active Comfort Gentle Toner – Dry and Sensitive Skin.

Yes, The bottle on the left is empty.
I used the Refreshing Toner and when I ran out I were going to buy products for dry skin, so then I switched to the Gentle Toner.
The Refreshing Toner does contains alcohol but the Gentle Toner doesn’t. I never saw the Refreshing Toner as drying thought.
I usually apply toner with a cotten pad, but the Gentle Toner I Apply with my fingers since it doesn’t get absorbed so easily bu the cotton pad and when it does you need a lot of it to go over your entire face. That was not the case wit the Refreshing Toner.


DSC_0661     DSC_0662     DSC_0663

L’oreal – Triple Active Fresh Gel Cream – Dry And Sensitive Skin
L’oreal – Triple Active Fresh Gel Cream – Normal and Combination Skin

I used the one for dry and sensitive skin until my skin wasn’t dry anymore, now I use that one as a night cream and the one for Normal and Combination skin as a day cream. The textures are different and the one for dry skin is a lot thicker.

Eye Products


Garnier Nutritionist Caffeine Eye Roll On
100% PureOrganic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream
Åhlens – Eye Cream Q10 &Vitamin E

I’m really bad myself at this step, but the skin around my eyes feel so much better when I don’t skip this step in my routine.
First I use the Caffeine Eye Roll On and let that dry in, then I use the Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream for moisture. This combination really combats dark circles and I really like both products.
The Eye Cream Q10 &Vitamin E is usually in my bag for minor touch ups since I don’t really like it that much. I don’t do touch ups the days I were make up.

I think that was all for todays post.
Dont forget to check out my earlier winter tips.

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  2. jackie says:


    i have started using the triple active day moisturizer and would like to use the triple active fresh cleansing gel. I live in Scotland and have not seen it in the shops could you tell me where i can purchase it.

    Yours gratefully

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