Window Number 2 – 2012

Behind the Second window we have

Lucka 02 Stängd

Chocomania Lip Butter

Lucka 02 Öppen

Last years calendar contained a cocnut lip butter, – which I gave away and then bought a lemon one instead – I prefer the scent on this one before the coconut one.
I think the scent is best described as caramel/toffee, just not as sweet. It’s not unpleasant, I just don’t think chocolate when I smell it. But I still like it.

I think these lipbalms are pretty good. I tend not to use them so often though because they taste a bit funny.
I haven’t checked hpw long they stay on my lips without having to re-apply but they do moisturize really well.

The color is light brown and the texture is hard. It turns creamy by the heat from you finger so it’s pretty easy to apply. It leaves a slight sheen on your lips but no color at all.



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