Christmas Calendar – The Body Shop


I Have  a Christmas Calendar from The Body Shop.
It’s sort of my gift to myself every year.

Every year they sell three different calendars.
Luxury for 800 SEK with a woth of 1184
Deluxe for 1000 SEK with a worth of 1535
Ultimate for 1200 SEK with a worth of 2450

The one I have is the Ultimate, I feel that’s it’s worth the extra money.

Anyway. I’m going to show off what I get every day here on the blog, but first just show the calendar.



I really like the golden Base and olive/lemon print. It feels luxurious but it’s not to much.


4 thoughts on “Christmas Calendar – The Body Shop

  1. WOW , that is a lot of money :)!!!!! But I guess It’s worth it, when you get a decent amount sample bottles etc 🙂 …. I would love to go get the peppermint spray after I heard your words on it 🙂

    • Yeah I feel it’s worth it since I get around double value back.
      And if I get something I don’t like I can alwayss give it as christmas presents to friend/family.
      I’m actually going to post a review on their entire foot range – yes I actually have all products from it. I don’t know when though, but I’ll try having it up sometime this weekend.

      When I have a calendar I make one post a day, and I tend to forget to make other posts to “/

  2. […] can honestly say, ever since I saw the look of the calendar this year I’ve been waiting for an olive product, it just felt as it would have at least one. I was […]

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