Halloween Makeups

Here we have pictures of some of the halloween makeups I’ve done. Aside from these I made a few skull faces and a clown, but those were just quick and sloppy so I’m choosing not to upload those. I have two from friday and to from saturday. I had a scull face on friday but I don’t think it turned out good enough to upload.

I’ll start with the friday make ups. They are on the bloody/scary side.

Burn victimMy friend Sonny


This one is made with liquid latex, cotton, theater make up and fake blood.
This one was pretty quick actually. The most time consuming was waiting for the latex to dry,

Then we have a Zipper Zombie – My Friend Patrik


This is my personal favorite from friday.

Made with liquid latex, theater make up, fake blood, foundation, concealer and obviously a zipper.
The make up part was quick but blending the zipper took time. Sadly we couldn’t get a white zipper, so it was really hard to blend, that’s why it’s not completely blended in.

And now we have the Saturdays make ups.
I didn’t have time to take these pictures before I went to the party, so this was shot about 7 hours after I made the make up.

The Joker – My Fiancé Jonas

Made with theater make up and green spray hair paint. I were going to do latex scars, but didn’t have the time,

The Joker make up is supposed to be a bit smuged, so that was just good.
He had green in his hair but that didn’t eally show on the picture.
Sadly I didn’t have time to do the scars since I was late so I didn’t start doing our make ups until 5 minutes before we were supposed to get picked up. And I really need to get my hands on some rigid collodion if I’m going to make some sort of scars next year.

Harley Quinn – Myself


Mak with just regular make up. The red eyeshadow however is from Kryolan and super pigmented.

I didn’t have the money for a proper costume or the time to sew one, so I omprovised with red tigghts, black shorts and a red and black corset. Sadly with plastic instead of metal.
My make up is also done quickly and my lipstick is really faded on these.
I spent about an hour and a half on trying to get my hair up to look like the hat she has. But then I decided to just do pigtails. I tried with hairspray, hairgel and sugarwater. So my hair is a bit tired right now.

Well that’s what I have now. I might do more this week depending on time, ideas and parties next weekend.
But tonight I’ll have a me day to give my hair and face some care after all the hairspray, heat and heavy make up.


5 thoughts on “Halloween Makeups

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wooo! Halloween! To bad you didn’t have time 😦 I know what you can do 😉 the zippers really cool! 😀 I miss halloween with you guys! ^^ And my awesome wardrobe up there! Party tomorrow and I don’t have a good costume, and I’m going right after work so there will be no time for makeup… 😦 Will have to make do with a mask and a small clip-on crown but you know me!.. I always make it work and look super hot! ;D hehe. Hope you had fun!! 😀

    • I love the zipper, do bad it didn’t blend entirely though. Of course you’ll make it work. And I miss halloween with you. Will you be home for new years? Might not be a costume party. But I miss you!
      Did you seriously just day tht you hoped I hade fungerar with halloween make ups? Of ciurse I hade!

  2. Rebecca says:

    “”Did you seriously just day tht you hoped I hade fungerar with halloween make ups? Of ciurse I hade!””

    eehhm huh? O_o

    yea maby.. work u know :/ but it’s more probable I come home 4 christmas and work new year 😛 bur I hope I can see u cuz I miss U 2!!

    • Autocorrect, answered with my phone -.-
      “Did you seriously just say that you hoped I had fun with halloween makeups Of course I had.”

      And yes we have to see each other when you come here again.
      And I’ll try to visit.

  3. Cali Torres says:

    Umm you like should totally realize that if you’re going to put effort into doing makeup and costume properly make sure you have the time and money to do so. You probably shouldn’t have even bothered if it was going to turn out like it did.

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