NYX Studio Perfect Primer

I thought I’d make a post of my NYX Primers.

There’s one normal, one anti redness and one anti dull skin/color balance.

I think they work well as a primer, but I’m not pleased about the anti redness and anti  dull skin part.

I find that to notice that I need a lot of product which just gives the effect of my brushes tracing paths in the primer.
Usually I don’t need to correct my skintone, but when I buy products that are supposed to do that I expect them to do what they promised, esspecially since these are on the pricey side. At least in Sweden where I’m from. I paid 250 SEK each for these. That’s around 37 USD with todays exchange rate. (1 USD = 6.6 SEK)
But I say, definitely not worth the money. I still use them but that’s because I hat throwing products away.

Next time I buy a primer I’ll buy something else. I’m thinking about one of smashbox’s Primers. But I would be really happy for tips on good primers.



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